Booty Call! by rik

made by rik for MINI24 (COMPO)
Sorry about the loading - it takes ages, and hangs for a while. I will fix it soon! Hope you like it!

By me and my gf Maru!


14. Feb 2011 路 10:12 UTC
Grr, those pigs are annoying. I already died twice.
Nice game and splendid graphics, but it's just terrible that I have to time my attacks perfectly and pray that the pig won't jump. Also, I keep getting hurt by falling on them. All. The. Time. Well, anyway, I'll try again later...
Good job!
馃帳 rik
14. Feb 2011 路 11:19 UTC
Sorry to hear that! I'll tweak the difficulty later!
14. Feb 2011 路 12:43 UTC

I didn't think it was difficult...just spam the attack button and you're pretty much invincible. My one concern is that walking around is kind of tedious. If it were me, I would increase the walk speed. Still, the game is so short that it's not really an issue...(or is that not a good thing?)
14. Feb 2011 路 12:55 UTC
Wow, I really love the artwork in this game. Can't believe it was done in 48 hours. The difficulty is ok, even though I didn't play it to the end (yet). Any chance I could get a wallpaper of those NPCs ? Well done.
14. Feb 2011 路 13:30 UTC
Thank you! Glad you liked the NPCs! I think I still have the hi-res somewhere. I'll see what I can do :D
馃帳 rik
14. Feb 2011 路 23:08 UTC
@madpew: We made a wallpaper for you!
15. Feb 2011 路 13:20 UTC
Love the music, and it loos so pretty!
17. Feb 2011 路 12:06 UTC
@rik @maru Awesome, thanks alot.