made by Zillix for MINI24 (COMPO)
EPIC REPORT is a an action arcade game about collecting letters to write an epic report! It's got 4 different papers you can write, each with different mechanics and aesthetics. There's also 16 achievements to unlock by playing!

I made the game in less than 48 hours work, but worked on it during the last week. The only rule it's following is "one button only," since it only uses the mouse.

Thanks to EliteFerrex for the music, and Laura (piggy) for writing help!


14. Feb 2011 · 11:54 UTC
Whoa! It's fun, creative and surprisingly addictive, really awesome! Great job!
14. Feb 2011 · 19:15 UTC
Nice one. Loved the music and the pacing. I kept ruining scores by spending too much time trying to read the report. >_>
15. Feb 2011 · 14:10 UTC
This is my favorite game of the mini so far. It literally should not be this much fun. You should make it load papers from a website, so you can keep adding content. I can help you with that if you need.

@moop: you can read the reports after you get them back from grading, just like in real life.
16. Feb 2011 · 19:29 UTC
LOL this was much more fun than I expected. Great job!