fishslap by fishbrain

made by fishbrain for MINI24 (COMPO)
The game address the following LD criteria:

* Fishing
* Inside-out
- In a strange way, or "topsy-turvy" might be more accurate. But "Inside-out" gave me the idea of fishing, from the fishes point of view.

* 1 button input only
* 2 colours
- This works well, especially the silhouette approach. Although, a background with vivid colours would add some polish.
* Game must end in 60 seconds
* All audio must be your own voice
- Not quite; but all the silly fishermen comments are me. I could easily have removed or modified other sound fx, but liked the existing mix.

* Use a tool/language you have never used before.
- I used Adobe Soundbooth to edit and process all sounds. The samples I recorded could be better - they're done through a laptop mic. But, again, I felt the slight "dodginess" of the samples added to the overall effect.

Slap those evil fishermen on the head, and help your friends escape.

(i've decided to give it a quick re-skin and add a colour version)


14. Feb 2011 路 19:09 UTC
Fun little game. :)

The only criticism I have is that sometimes it felt like I spent a lot of time waiting for the fish to turn. Not really sure what you can do about it though apart from maybe adding an extra button to rotate faster or having some kind of acceleration on the spin as the head of the fish 'flops' down.
馃帳 fishbrain
14. Feb 2011 路 19:34 UTC

i originally had left/right arrow keys controlling adjustment of spin for the fish (and up/down keys controlled the school of fish), but then tried out the game play with the single button philosophy to conform to that LD rule (spacebar only to launch fish) and it seemed to work well.

as for the fish facing the right direction; i was going to add some code to weight the probability a bit more against that happening, but decided not too... one of the (simple) tactics is to judge the fish, and if it looks as though it won't be able to aim at any fishermen, simply shoot it off as rapidly as possible and try with a respawned fish.
馃帳 fishbrain
15. Feb 2011 路 06:29 UTC
OK... i've updated fishslap-colour with slightly enhanced spin technology lol.

fish more likely to face a nicer direction when spawning, and spin more likely to be a little faster. fish spin also decelerates slightly.

i didn't want to update the original fishslap, as that was done in 48 hours and want to keep it authentic as per time of entry.

(i take it as this is a mini we don't need to like to source files? - or do we?)

馃帳 fishbrain
15. Feb 2011 路 06:30 UTC
(*link* to source files)
15. Feb 2011 路 12:02 UTC
Hey, it's fun to play!

Well done!
15. Feb 2011 路 13:12 UTC
I laughed out loud, I can think of no higher compliment :)
16. Feb 2011 路 21:18 UTC
I played the colour one, although I think the B&W looks a bit better. It's really fun and funny too! Congrats!