Mr Grimmond's Mastication Simulation by lingmops

made by lingmops for MINI24 (COMPO)
Theme: True Love <-- yes, this was only tenuously adhered to

Limitation: Game must end in 60 seconds

Limitation: 2 Button Input

Limitation: All audio must be your own voice <-- partial, all the *sound effects* are my voice.

Rule: Work with a partner <-- as in "in Crime", don't have one of the other kind, she did the music and came up with some of the ideas, everything else was me by my merry self.

Yeah, I neglected to make an actual title screen, I didn鈥檛 want to lose the intro text and was already way over time.

This is the very first original game I have finished. Hell, it's the first original game I've worked on in about 14 years. Was fun. I went over 48 hours by a little bit, however I am ill so bugger it. It鈥檚 close enough.


馃帳 lingmops
14. Feb 2011 路 18:17 UTC
Hello encoding issues. Sorry about the wacky symbols where apostrophe's should be. I copied and pasted where I should have tippity typed.
14. Feb 2011 路 20:29 UTC
Nice, simple but creative! Great job! Only problem is that it took me some time to understand when I should chew and swallow. Oh, and I think that there's a bug where his mouth will get full and won't change no matter how much you press space...
My highscore is 51100. Huzzah!
14. Feb 2011 路 21:18 UTC
lol... awesome banana action!
馃帳 lingmops
15. Feb 2011 路 00:04 UTC
Okay, basic mechanics of it:

Points are scored when the monkey stuffs his face with fruit.

If his mouth gets too full, he chokes and loses half the fruit in his mouth.

Swallowing removes the fruit in his mouth.

If he tries to swallow too much, he chokes.

Swallowing takes time, based on volume of mouth contents

Chewing reduces the mouth content VOLUME but not MASS, for a quicker swallow. Yes I know this is not right, they are aero bananas... or... something... :D

Chewing also introduces a score bonus, multiplied by the mass eventually swallowed, which increases per chew so long as the volume can be reduced.

The amount the volume can be reduced lessens as the mass of content increases. So, you can't just keep packing in food and never swallowing.

This game has *barely* been playtested, so it's as balanced as an unballanced individual stood on a rotating log, which is itself wobbling. During an earthquake. And a food fight is happening. With jelly.
16. Feb 2011 路 21:30 UTC
I like it, though I'm not very good at it! Some kind of diagram of what's happening in the mouth might have helped! XD
馃帳 lingmops
17. Feb 2011 路 16:26 UTC
The intention was that you should be able to tell what's going on by the size of the mouth, though I accept that wasn't executed terribly well.