Adventures in the Public Domain by Zed

made by Zed for MINI27 (COMPO)
Adventures in the Public Domain is a Visual Novel/Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type game, with player choices to determine the flow of the plot. These choices might end up being the death of you, so choose wisely!

The title comes from the fact that all graphical and musical resources within the game are taken from public domain repositories, with minimal editing to create a relatively unique style.

There are three distinct paths through the game, featuring zombies, aliens and... kissing a dog, which will lead you to one of two endings. As a result, I suggest you play through the game at least three times in order to experience all of the dialogue, because it's pretty good (if I do say so myself).

Controls are nice and simple, and are detailed on the title screen.


Coolness 0% 17
Fun 4.50 1
Gameplay 3.50 6
Presentation 3.33 15


27. Jun 2011 · 03:08 UTC
This was pretty awesome! Nice job. I unfortunately died a slut, first time.
29. Jun 2011 · 06:17 UTC
This game has so many hilarious things in it - the letter on the table, choosing between bacon and bacon, the vegeterrorist,the hobo thanking me for not giving him money. I could keep going on.

I got the jointly take over the world ending first playthrough. Who knows what I'll get next?
29. Jun 2011 · 20:12 UTC
Lots of fun! Loved the bacon stuff! Kick'ass! =D
After smelling the flower for the first time I tried to go swing and got freeze, might be a bug dunno.
A nice job! =)
Breakdance McFunkypants
30. Jun 2011 · 03:49 UTC
So fun! I mean, come on, bacon? check. zombies? check? sex? check. This game officially kicks ass.
05. Jul 2011 · 22:48 UTC
This is great, love the humour. Seems I also was stopped at the exact same point as Harievilozanini, ah well!