Chance Encounter by PaulSB

made by PaulSB for MINI27 (COMPO)
"Chance Encounter" is a game about an everyday, fleeting moment in time.

You are on a train when a young woman takes the seat across from you. What happens next is up to you but she will only be there for 120 seconds, and then she is gone.

Developed in AS3 with Flixel by me, myself and I.

(If swfCabin lames out [doesn't seem to show the preloader for me, for one thing] the swf can be found with the source [bin/MiniLD27.swf], in case that helps you)


Coolness 17% 9
Fun 3.00 18
Gameplay 2.83 19
Presentation 3.83 11


28. Jun 2011 · 05:03 UTC
An interesting game. My only complaint is that some things move a bit too slow - at first I thought that choosing an option was timed as it slowly scrolled up the screen.

I got 7 achievements. I have no idea how to get the mudkip one, but I hope to figure it out.
28. Jun 2011 · 06:42 UTC
Nice! I really like the concept. I kept multiclicking on the buttons, and it would end up playing the same dialogue lines a few times in a row.
28. Jun 2011 · 17:27 UTC
Sometimes it glitched and I found lost in a infinity loop of the same answer so I couldn't finish, but beside that I really liked the art and the presentation of the game, and the component of plausibility of it.
29. Jun 2011 · 23:12 UTC
Nice pencil style! Good setting, liked the time limit and the naturalistic dialogue.
Breakdance McFunkypants
30. Jun 2011 · 04:11 UTC
Great artwork! I suffered from extremely low framerate (played the game on a low power netbook) so animations took an eternity and I got maybe 4fps at times, my clicks wouldn't register, etc. All related to slowness... but aside from technical issues related to playing on a terrible computer, the game was really great! I love the idea - it is a common scenario in life, trying to awkwardly strike up a conversation on a subway or rain is not an easy thing. Keep up the great work!
🎤 PaulSB
30. Jun 2011 · 12:42 UTC
Thanks for the feedback guys! Was a lot of fun to cobble together.

Sorry you couldn't get decent performance out of it McFunkypants - sadly wasn't something I really considered as I was rushing to finish :)
03. Jul 2011 · 19:06 UTC
I couldn't figure out how to get different endings.