Help Bob to get the job! by madeinpda

made by madeinpda for MINI27 (COMPO)
Hi to all

I won't finish the game on time so I post some images to explain how the game will work while finished. Currently (sunday afternoon) I only have:

- a concept
- a working engine for the ballistic gameplay
- some hand drawn images for the graphics
- some layouts images

I'll post again as soon as the game is published.

The initial concept was that some things are harder to say than others. To play with that concept I tried to implement some kind of gameplay to select players choice in a dialogue type game. The chosen gameplay is ballistic type game and here comes the briefing of the game:


Bob is currently at a job interview and he is so nervous that he only can think about gnomes and catapults!

Help Bob controlling the gnomes "Angle" and "Power" to choose what Bob should answer to the interviewer questions.

Get ready for some ballistic dialogue gameplay action!


There will be some difficulty settings allowing a number (none to infinite) of undo's to try again at the ballistic part.