Last Tuesday by Jake Elliott

made by Jake Elliott for MINI27 (COMPO)
A visual novel about a world without people. Built with Ren'Py.

There are three endings.


Coolness 24% 5
Fun 4.00 4
Gameplay 3.50 6
Presentation 4.67 1


27. Jun 2011 · 22:29 UTC
Great premise and graphics! But the gameplay quickly became very repetitive, with little to gauge if you're making progress or not.
28. Jun 2011 · 01:56 UTC
Excellent, eerie atmosphere and a real sense of isolation. Loved it!
28. Jun 2011 · 04:26 UTC
Amazing atmosphere! I was absolutely hooked on the storyline... but unfortunately I don't think I really understood the ending?
28. Jun 2011 · 06:25 UTC
Awesome feeling to it! Great, chill game
29. Jun 2011 · 15:12 UTC
Loved it.
It has a really good oniric atmosphere. I liked the ending I got (the one in the cafeteria). This game is really inspiring. Great job.
29. Jun 2011 · 23:03 UTC
Wow. Brooding and rather creepy. Loved it. Great photo choices, and some lovely little details in there. It did get little repetitive, but I guess that was the whole point. I got the archives ending - that last line packs quite a punch. Good stuff!
29. Jun 2011 · 23:09 UTC
I love the ambient sounds, sooo creepy
30. Jun 2011 · 02:35 UTC
Great storytelling and presentation! The subtle soundtrack worked really well. I'm impressed with how much you wrung out of some (well-written) text, a few pictures, and two audio tracks.
01. Jul 2011 · 23:19 UTC
This game concept is just genius, it reminds me of inception in some way
Breakdance McFunkypants
06. Jul 2011 · 04:53 UTC
Spooky. Interesting. Eerie. Very nicely written. I'm not sure if I "got" it in the end, but it resonated with me and remained memorable among other more standard games. Brilliant.