M. Mieux and The Trouble with the Treacherous Tilapia by 23

made by 23 for MINI27 (COMPO)
M. Mieux lived a quiet, peaceful life with his owner, Katerina Senviva, in her small boarding house. That is, he did until disaster struck in the form of a fish most foul...

Can M. Mieux help the hopelessly simple detective discover the true culprit and keep the stupid and unkind but innocent inhabitants of the Chateau Seviva from getting arrested? Meow and Hiss your way to the Truth!


Rather severely unfinished, but you can walk around and talk to people who don't respond with only filler dialog! Look for a complete version by the end of this week. Right now the most complete path is the one with the crazy old man.

No mute button (sorry).
When it says "Press A", it means "Press Z".
May work on tablets or phones, but I've no way of testing.


Breakdance McFunkypants
28. Jun 2011 · 03:14 UTC
I love the wood-cut old school art. The music suits the game perfectly as well. This game is on the verge of being a cool murder mystery. It makes me think of Hercule Poirot (Agatha Christie) style period mystery. I'd love to see this fleshed out, maybe with some collecting of clues where you lay out the entire case, clue by clue, for the inspector. This oozes style.
28. Jun 2011 · 11:47 UTC
Lovely style. The limited interaction set seems like a fun choice, but I can't be sure 'cos it kept hanging for me in room 2 when meowing or hissing at the woman (using Chrome).
28. Jun 2011 · 23:22 UTC
I tried to play it several times but I couldn't get it working. (using firefox 5)
🎤 23
01. Jul 2011 · 18:02 UTC
Thanks for the compliments! I'll be working on wrapping it up this weekend.

Winterblood: Many characters don't have dialog; if you try to speak to them it freezes. Note that the order in which you visit rooms is also determined by who you speak to, so there is no specific "room 2".

rhockman: Did it break or would it not start at all? Can you see if any of the games here load: