Saving his code by Haris Mujkic

made by Haris Mujkic for MINI27 (COMPO)
Genre: 2d MINI platform game

This is a story about Tim and John. Tim was a game developer loving his job. But... One day while he was finishing his code... Someone stole it! Tim calls his friend to help him. What will you do? What will John do?

This is my first time to entry this kind of comp. I really enjoyed the time spent on this project and also I learned a lot of new things. Art, code and story are originally made during this weekend.

And... Thank you for playing my game.



Coolness 17% 9
Fun 3.20 15
Gameplay 3.20 13
Presentation 3.80 12


28. Jun 2011 路 01:01 UTC
It ran so slowly here that I couldn't play it. =(
The art looks pretty nice, but the music needs improvement...
Good job finishing your first entry!
馃帳 Haris Mujkic
28. Jun 2011 路 01:06 UTC
Thank you for your comment. I will improve this game and add more features.
Breakdance McFunkypants
28. Jun 2011 路 16:56 UTC
WOW - this was really fantastic!

For me, it ran extremely FAST and felt like a silky smooth 60fps the entire time (running on my windows vista machine).

I also tried it on my Windows 7 netbook and I got an error message after the loading screen, so it either doesn't run on windows 7 or my netbook was missing a dll of some kind, perhaps related to directX or something.

My favourite part was the wonderful background paintings - the mountains and clouds looked really excellent.

Very well done. I love it!
29. Jun 2011 路 21:08 UTC
I'm happy that your game has sfx and music, but they need a huge improvement...
The art is amazing, I couldn't do better!
Very nice first entry! =)
29. Jun 2011 路 21:12 UTC
Very nice first entry! =)
30. Jun 2011 路 12:54 UTC
Cool! Very good looking - the background art looked excellent.

One niggle: the platforming would be immediately improved by allowing the guy's head to slide on platforms he collides with when jumping. Just a bit jarring when the "friction" holds him up mid-jump.

Good work!
03. Jul 2011 路 16:10 UTC
You can fix the "hit head on ceiling, float" bug...

in the onCollision Event, put in a script that checks what side was hit, I think it begins with sprite_...

anyway, check the left-and-right, 0 x, down, 0 y...

I thought it was pretty good, though...