The Fright Knight Chronicles by FenderQ

made by FenderQ for MINI27 (COMPO)
The Fright Knight Chronicles is a Choose Your Own Adventure style game written in html5. It contains the MiniLD #27 "Special Phrase".

Tested on Mac OS X Snow Leopard using Safari 5.0.5, Chrome 12.0.742.100, and Firefox 5.0.

I had a lot of fun making this. I loved making the music, pixel art, and story. It was nice to do a bit of simple html5 too.

Please email me at sroberts < at > fenderq < dot > com with any problems, comments, feedback etc.



Coolness 0% 17
Fun 3.80 6
Gameplay 2.80 20
Presentation 4.00 9


27. Jun 2011 · 23:40 UTC
Short and efective. I really enjoyed it :)
Breakdance McFunkypants
28. Jun 2011 · 01:04 UTC
I love the pixel art you made. You are such a great pixel artist. You are able to put so much into a picture using so few pixels. Wicked. Maybe someday I can get you to make sprites for a game I program! =)

In any case, this is a totally cool game - very well done! The MIDI style music is also really nice and relaxing and "pure" feeling.

I love the Princess Bride reference...
"you killed my father - prepare to die!"

Keep up the great work.
28. Jun 2011 · 01:39 UTC
Excellent artwork! Loved it!
28. Jun 2011 · 22:50 UTC
Lovely pixel art! Some dodgy grammar and punctuation though :)
I like the mechanics - feels like there is a hidden sliding scale that will get you killed if you are too headstrong or too timid, so you have to balance your responses. Right?
03. Jul 2011 · 20:05 UTC
Music is annoying, but I liked everything else.