The Prisoner by ashes999

made by ashes999 for MINI27 (COMPO)
My first Ludum Dare entry! It's in the style of choose-your-own-adventure games. Alas, I ran out of time, so it only has one or two major choices in it. It has two major story arcs planned with ten endings; only four made it into this release.

(You need Silverlight to play it.)

It's made in FlatRedBall, a 2D Silverlight-capable C# engine. I made the CYOA engine myself, along with the buttons, and the content, along with a bit of stock photography to spice it up.


28. Jun 2011 · 22:02 UTC
Well-written, but very long sequences with no actual choices!
29. Jun 2011 · 20:32 UTC
Perfectly written.
But sound effects and background music would improve the game quality a lot, that's a huge flaw for me.
And too few choices btw.
A nice job mate, but I know you can do better! =)
Breakdance McFunkypants
30. Jun 2011 · 04:42 UTC
Great prose! It ws buggy for me, most screens were pure blank but pressing the button moved to the next and occasionally I would get another page of text. Though I couldn't get it to work (I do get the title screen and the awakening first screen and button perfectly but clicking the button fades the text out and the next screens are all blank with different sized blank buttons - after clicking blank buttons about ten times I do get the "stay silent" scene perfectly, some scenes are half transparent, about one in five is visible), the writing that did show up was nicely crafted. My experienced lead me to think that the fade in and out animation is locked to framerate or something and stop too soon on my computer. Since this is a text game, why not do it in good old fashioned html? In any case, great work and congratulations on your first LD game! We are very glad you joined!
🎤 ashes999
30. Jun 2011 · 13:27 UTC
@Winterblood yep, due to lack of time (day job) and timezone differences, I had to severely chop the choices down last-minute. I only got around 3-4 choices out of my initial 12-16.

@Harievilozanini cheers :) my goal was to write the engine; I struggled with content, didn't even get to touch sound!

@McFunkyPants are you on a Mac? There's a bug in the engine I used (FlatRedBall) that may cause this; I didn't have time to fix it. I chose Silverlight over HTML because it's easier to code big games in C#; this is only the first game of its type, so we'll see how far it grows! It was definitely fun doing a mini LD.