Throned by Goldendice

made by Goldendice for MINI27 (COMPO)
My first entry into an LD, even if it is a minLD. Made with Ren'Py.

You find yourself seated on a throne. A short man with a monocle starts addressing you as royalty? Do you try to figure out what's going on or do you just go with it?

If I receive positive interest, I'll continue the story, as it seems to end on a cliffhanger for me. If I do continue it, I'll even add on to ending 1. I would likely add music as well.


Coolness 34% 3
Fun 3.20 15
Gameplay 3.40 10
Presentation 3.40 14


28. Jun 2011 路 17:46 UTC
It was very funny and had great dialogues too.
I'll only suggest to divide larger phrases in different dialogues because It's easier to read that way.
Great job.
29. Jun 2011 路 20:46 UTC
If it had any sound I would have much much more fun.
Anyway the system is very well programmed and lots of dialogues and different endings! Very nice! =)
29. Jun 2011 路 22:25 UTC
Windows ZIP won't open, and is suspiciously only 2.5k (which is a whole different coding competition :)
Breakdance McFunkypants
30. Jun 2011 路 03:34 UTC
Sadly I couldn't get the .zip file to open. Sounds cool!
馃帳 Goldendice
30. Jun 2011 路 06:49 UTC
Strange...I checked the download and it seemed to work fine (I unzipped with winrar)I'm getting 8.89MB for the windows zip. I tried changing the security settings, but it should've been working. Can anyone give me an update on getting it to run?
30. Jun 2011 路 08:48 UTC
Windows zip worked fine for me; 8.89mb, 372 files.