White Flag by Winterblood

made by Winterblood for MINI27 (COMPO)
Text-based narrative game set beneath a white flag of truce between two vast armies. Can you convince the enemy to back down without bloodshed?

Had to cut the content short (very short!) due to time constraints. You can probably play through a couple of times in under a minute :)


Coolness 59% 2
Fun 2.57 21
Gameplay 2.86 18
Presentation 3.75 13


29. Jun 2011 路 00:00 UTC
It was short, but the best of it is that the story had a point.
I sensed the protagonist as a sensible warlord worried on his men more than in the fight. And the open finale is perfect; you think carefully about the effect of the choices you made.
29. Jun 2011 路 04:02 UTC
An interesting game. Each of the endings has me doubting whether or not I made the right decision. It's interesting how the scout confirms any suspicion you have, making you more likely to pick certain options before you realize this.
馃帳 Winterblood
29. Jun 2011 路 21:59 UTC
Thanks for the feedback! The initial scout report was going to have some bearing later on (as a form of difficulty setting), but time did not allow. Glad you enjoyed it, short though it was...
Breakdance McFunkypants
30. Jun 2011 路 03:32 UTC
The snow effect is stunning! I liked the writing as well. Great work!
30. Jun 2011 路 21:56 UTC
Yeah, great snow effect... I surrendered and pledged allegiance, of course... :\
馃帳 Winterblood
30. Jun 2011 路 23:01 UTC
Snow effect: take one creative commons background from Flickr, add one layer scrolling mist, two layers random-sized white blobs (same image, in fact, scrolling at slightly different speeds). Much easier than writing interactive fiction :)
03. Jul 2011 路 20:55 UTC
I wish there was more but it was interesting. I liked the scout interaction.