Crosswind: Abide and Obey by LiquidAsh

made by LiquidAsh for MINI27 (COMPO)
Use a word find interface to progress through dialog about a teenage vampire reluctantly serving detention. I only finished first two acts over the weekend, but planned two more that I would like to add in the future. I also hope to add mouse support, and make this game playable from a browser using Silverlight. I do plan on spending some more time on this, so please let me know what you think. Thanks!


Coolness 0% 17
Fun 3.80 6
Gameplay 3.60 4
Presentation 3.00 18


28. Jun 2011 路 05:45 UTC
Spoilers: The beginning was interesting. I ended up ignoring the bees and duck to begin with and got to run before I had to backtrack, which was rather awkward as the scenes seem to be pre-set and not dependent on your other choices. I liked the double meaning of wake. The vampire thing made me search for another wake.

I really enjoyed the control scheme - it was very novel.
28. Jun 2011 路 19:38 UTC
No Silverlight.
馃帳 LiquidAsh
28. Jun 2011 路 21:08 UTC
Thanks Goldendice! Your comments are very encouraging and helpful.

hdon, It's hard for me to tell whether you comment is a question, suggest, critique... I am trying to port the game to run through Silverlight, but seem to have run into an issue with SilverSprite's RenderTarget2D support. I'm still hoping to work through this issue rather than around it.
29. Jun 2011 路 14:02 UTC
You have a really interesting story here.
Although, when I decided go for "lunch" I followed "tomato", "vitamin" and then "iron", and for a moment I thought I was stuck on Iron. then I proved with "Detention" and I could continue, maybe you shouldn't leave dead points unless you are dead or something.
馃帳 LiquidAsh
29. Jun 2011 路 17:46 UTC
Thanks rhockman. It's interesting to hear that you and Goldendice are progressing in such a depth first style... I hadn't really expected that. Maybe it would be helpful to keep a list of unfound hints on the side of each word find(?). Again, thanks for the comment.
Breakdance McFunkypants
30. Jun 2011 路 04:01 UTC
Extremely inventive and fresh. Original, cool, inspired and interesting! Once I got the hang of it, I was hooked. I think if you made this beautifully graphical with a nice painting above each puzzle and ported it to flash you could have a really popular game - and you've practically invented a new genre. Thing CYOA mixed with hidden item mixed with word search. If there was a huge effect on which word you decide to find next, your findings could almost be the choices in an adventure and instead of you having to find them all, you selectively decide which one will be the next choice along the way to a branching storyline. Really awesome - I liked it a lot. Please make more!