Falling Score by laubori

made by laubori for MINI34 (-)
Jump on stones to destroy them and get score points.
Avoid enemies!

Enemies and stones are spawning randomly and falling to the ground.

Arrow Keys to move.
Press 'R' to restart.

The resolution is 64x18.
Post your scores in the comments :)

Music by Geemee (YouTube: Geemeeofficial)
Thank you very much!


20. May 2012 · 20:40 UTC
can't run windows games :( but it sounds a bit like my game :D and looks cool!
20. May 2012 · 21:59 UTC
Yep, yep, yep: cool little game. =)
21. May 2012 · 14:54 UTC
Fun and simple!

2 things - in gamemaker, it is better two double or triple the size of your room than to alter the game settings to make a bigger window - this prevents some of the fuzziness. I loved the art, but it was a shame it was a bit fuzzy.

Also... 37 MB? The music WAS catchy, though, so it was worth it :)
howieV (binarygirl)
21. May 2012 · 18:08 UTC
music is great :)
22. May 2012 · 15:36 UTC
ha thanks for the HTML5 version! fun to play, and the music is very relaxing
31. May 2012 · 15:48 UTC
Checked the HTML5 version. Nice game, good graphics, good music.
I found a bug, when dying and restarting the music starts over but the old music still plays.