Milk! by hirsch

made by hirsch for MINI34 (-)
'Milk!' is a game where you must move one of two windows to guide a spaceship through the Milky Way galaxy. When the spaceship flys out of one window it appears in the window right of the first one. You will die if you don't arrange the windows right. To increase your score you can collect unimportant milk ;-)
Avoid bombs or they will destroy your spaceship!
I first wanted to do it 128x128x128 but 128 windows were too confusing so i made it 128x128x2 (:
The design was inspired by a Palm IIIxe display.

Good Luck

Music/Art/Concept/Programming - everything was done in 5 hours.

IDE: SciTE4AutoIt3
Compiler: Autoit v3
Music and Sounds: TuxGuitar 1.2 and GXSCC Beta 236E
Graphics: Corel PaintShop Pro X
Icon: InfranView 4.32

EDIT 21.06.2012 21:07

Thanks for 313 Downloads and feedback :)
('Milk!' is the most downloaded game i ever made :D)
I am going to work on a new post-compo version with more gameplay, better graphics & sounds, and more windows with an increased size :)



20. May 2012 · 13:22 UTC
Cool idea!

Would be fun if the ship could change direction and go up/left/down as well as right.
20. May 2012 · 18:46 UTC
WOW!!! I can't believe I'm playing a game made in AutoIt :) (My first few games were too made in AutoIt - I loved the language, but it's soooooo not for making games)

+ it's got a nice tune and it works well with the easy-on-the-eye graphics

And congrats for making it on
20. May 2012 · 19:24 UTC
Brilliant idea :)
20. May 2012 · 20:13 UTC
Nice concept, I like it! I think the milk and the dynamite look a bit too similar. The first few plays I was wondering why I died for getting the milk! I'm playing on a 1920x1080 monitor, so that may be part of it.
20. May 2012 · 22:19 UTC
Cute concept. I like it! Only problem is, on my system, the min, max, and close buttons are a lot wider, so there's almost nothing to grab onto to drag the windows.