Radar Defense by KevinWorkman

made by KevinWorkman for MINI34 (-)
I chose a 500 x 500 circle, which immediately brought to mind a radar screen.

Defend the radar station for as long as you can! Detect incoming enemies, and click to launch a missile.


21. May 2012 路 05:39 CEST
Killed 314 and then my mouse finger broke.... Cool idea! In fact, I tried to make the same thing for my first ever LD and failed. What the hell do I open your .pde source file with??
馃帳 KevinWorkman
21. May 2012 路 05:44 CEST
Thanks! I can't tell whether this is too easy or too hard, but hopefully the idea is there.

I used Processing to make the game, which is what the .pde file is. You can download it here: http://processing.org/
21. May 2012 路 06:46 CEST
We had similar ideas, and we picked the same title! hehe.

Pity mine still has some crashes I need to iron out before its properly playable.

It's here if you want to looksee.
21. May 2012 路 06:56 CEST
Cool idea, although the firing mechanism gets stuck sometimes.
Will Edwards
21. May 2012 路 08:13 CEST

I was hoping to enter the *exact same game*! Never got it finished though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byofNKujV-Q
21. May 2012 路 08:42 CEST
Nice game! I used ProcessingJS, which has no sound but creates an HTML5 canvas game. Try it! :D
22. May 2012 路 10:53 CEST
Very good idea and execution. However, there should be some penalty for firing shots, because player can play as long as he wants if he's a fast clicker. :)
23. May 2012 路 00:47 CEST
Wow, such a stressing game, because you don't always see the enemies. The music suits it well tho
27. May 2012 路 16:22 CEST
nice prototype!