Get to the chopper! by Darkfrost

made by Darkfrost for MINI34 (-)
Well, here's my entry! It's pretty late sadly, but I started late and slept the whole of Sunday (oops!)

Loved the theme :) I went for the 64x18 resolution one, but scaled it up x4 so you could actually see what you're doing!

Yeah, the zombies don't really do much, they just swarm at you :) Run to the right into the building!

Built using SFML in C#. May work under mono? Not sure, sorry! Tell me if it does :)

Left / A - Move left
Right / D - Move right
Up - Use (thing behind - e.g. enter door)
Down - Use (thing below - e.g. exit door)
Space - Dismiss message & shoot


21. May 2012 · 09:46 UTC
Where's the download link? =P
🎤 Darkfrost
21. May 2012 · 17:28 UTC
No idea o_O I've added them to the post, but they're not showing up for some reason
🎤 Darkfrost
21. May 2012 · 17:33 UTC
Fixed! Was missing the http:// off the links so it wasn't showing :|