Round Table Tennis by KhaoTom

made by KhaoTom for MINI34 (-)
Round Table Tennis is table tennis on a round table.

Left player: use W/S keys, A/D keys, or controller 1 left analog stick.
Right Player: use Up/Down arrow keys, or controller 2 left analog stick.

Adjusted paddle positions relative to bounds in order to prevent an exploit.
Putting spin on the ball adjusts trajectory during flight now.

Tools used:
Unity -
Blender -
Gimp -
LabChirp -


21. May 2012 · 02:38 UTC
Proving that there is still room for innovation in pong. :)
21. May 2012 · 05:05 UTC
hehehehe, this is cool
21. May 2012 · 09:45 UTC
Would like to see this one in an arcade. =)
21. May 2012 · 20:04 UTC
A game that fits my odd quirk of playing two-player games against myself...seriously! I played Platypus with one ship for each hand, I play lots of board games (including my own hex war games) that there's a circular Pong for me!

PS thanks for playing my game! I'd been tossing around the concept of procedurally generated weapons for a while, but it only solidified into something technically doable and playable recently.