Sword and Circle by madflame991

made by madflame991 for MINI34 (-)
You'll need Arrow Keys for this one...
Only the tip of the swords are lethal


19. May 2012 · 22:25 UTC
Incredibly well designed mechanics!
20. May 2012 · 02:17 UTC
Hey, I thought I was the only one who commented on the mechanics of these LD games!

WOW the mechanic is awesome!! (I won, by the way).

A nice mix of strategy, experimenting, and satisfying circle-popping.

Your website looks interesting...I'll have to check out some of your other games.
20. May 2012 · 02:25 UTC
PS Damm! I had a cool Fellow Madmen award all ready...only to discover you don't have a journal! You have to write a post on LD to be eligible for an award, I think.
20. May 2012 · 02:26 UTC
Ooops never mind it was just an error. Awarded!
20. May 2012 · 04:21 UTC
20. May 2012 · 08:21 UTC
Elegantly designed, and fun to play. :)
20. May 2012 · 11:49 UTC
Pretty nice! Simple, easy to play, and excellent idea!
20. May 2012 · 14:35 UTC
interesting concept.. personally would have preferred if the complete sword was lethal, at least at the start to get into it.
20. May 2012 · 14:47 UTC
Incredibly well designed for such a short development time, way to go!
20. May 2012 · 16:45 UTC
This is one of my favorite of this MiniLD, so well done :)
Maybe sounds would be cool and it also would be interesing what happens if the computer circles can kill other computer circles.
20. May 2012 · 19:03 UTC
Brilliant idea :)
It really shows that size does NOT matter...
20. May 2012 · 20:35 UTC
Most original one so far!
20. May 2012 · 21:32 UTC
I enjoyed the combat mechanics greatly. Very nicely put together too.
howieV (binarygirl)
21. May 2012 · 19:57 UTC
i like it.. smooth.. good mechanics ..i have no idea what to do tho :)
21. May 2012 · 23:51 UTC
This was really fun! I could definitely see this being a more full puzzle game. Great work!
22. May 2012 · 02:39 UTC
This is my favorite game for this miniLD, and I just realized that you're Space Bear guy! I think I might have just become your biggest fan.