Avalanche Rider by KevinWorkman

made by KevinWorkman for MINI39 (-)
This idea originated during Ludum Dare 25, where the theme was "you are the villain". I originally wanted to do a game where you played the part of an avalanche, but I couldn't get the mechanic to feel right, so I ended up not creating an entry.

I did some more thinking, and motivated myself with January's theme on Static Void Games of SNOW, and eventually this game was born. In hindsight I probably should have started with this idea!


25. Jan 2013 · 08:35 CET
Cute and got pinguin !
29. Jan 2013 · 05:19 CET
I got a pop-up for "Warning - Security", with the message "Failed to validate certificate. The application will not be executed. Name: LWJGL, lwjgl.org." :(