Salaryman by niterich

made by niterich for LD 44 (COMPO)

Nomikai, karaoke, furoshiki, karoshi - what's not to love about being a Japanese salaryman?

Type out legal documents, but be sure to maintain your health, your family life, and your sanity.

Hey guys, I almost managed to complete it this time! All I had left to do was draw some of the end screens and make the reset button work! ...And then I listened to the audio found a HUUUUUGE glitch. Of course!


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29. Apr 2019 · 16:23 UTC
What a lame drinking night with coworkers, didn't even grab any food at the izakaya and I starved to death! Very fitting use of typing game mechanics and very fitting for the theme :)
29. Apr 2019 · 16:29 UTC
Nice idea :-). Graphics, music and topic work well together. I liked the idea with typing words and you really get the feeling of a workday. The Restart button didn't work for me.
29. Apr 2019 · 16:30 UTC
I felt the lack of a challenge, a simple high score or days gone by. Something needed to telle me that i am doing something :rofl:. But the game has a interesting concept og management and just controlling your life. The audio did get bugged but its a game made in 48 houers so i didn't really mind. Well done mate you made it through LD 44
29. Apr 2019 · 16:35 UTC
This was really a great game! The music was nice and the sound effects fit in. I loved how the words got longer as the days when by. But my favorite part by far is the narrative and the choices you have to make. Great execution.
🎤 niterich
29. Apr 2019 · 17:13 UTC
@shp @ldjsq @tfdiaz Thank you all for your feedback!

@rustycrow But what if the lack of a challenge was part of the game's message, and totally not just me forgetting to make the end screen until the last minute?
29. Apr 2019 · 17:16 UTC
@niterich thats a good point ! :rofl: still dosent change anything thought hahah
30. Apr 2019 · 02:08 UTC
This is work, why would there be a win screen :wink:

Fun idea. Getting a word wrong was extremely stressful, and the sonic-is-drowning chime when you're near overload that plays on top of the existing happy music, like something you're just trying to block out, fits well with the theme.

I can agree it gets tedious after a while, but I mean, isn't that the point?
30. Apr 2019 · 08:37 UTC
Hey, that is a really original concept! I really like the idea of treating the theme as "what do you use the time in your life for"?

I could not quite get what the brain and family bars are. The family bar did not seem to rise at all, except when I spent time with my family, which was a bit counterintuitive, since the other bars rising indicated bad things happening. The brain bar seemed to be tiredness? Depression?

I managed to work myself to death on my first try to see what would happen, an on the second one I was eventually let go by trying to live a healthy lifestyle :-P

Thanks for the game!
03. May 2019 · 12:51 UTC
Not bad!
I'd advise for you to spruce up your page with a screenshot or images related to the game :-)
I felt a bit frustrated your hunger doesn't reset from one day to the next - for logical reasons, not gameplay ones - of course ^^#
I feel maybe the text could have been made more appealing - 'cause the little snipets you wrote in there are interested and varied but during my playthrough I didn't wanna read it all - I was afraid the timer would go off again or something

Very nice submission for a compo, great job :-D