Rockin' Horse by niterich

made by niterich for LD 41 (COMPO)

A Techno-Medieval Rhythm Racing Game!

Tap to the beat to change your hoverhorse's handling! Tap on beats 1 and 3 to go faster but lose control. Tap beats 2 and 4 to gain steering control but lose thrust. If you pick up a flagon o' nitrous oxide, you can boost by tapping every eighth beat!

This was my first attempt at both a racing game and a rhythm game in Unity. If the controls feel slippery, please forgive me. If the game seems out of sync, leave a message so I can fix it.


W - Apply Thrust

A and D - Turn left and right

ENTER - Tap to keep the beat



Overall 544th 3.055⭐ 57🧑‍⚖️
Fun 497th 3⭐ 57🧑‍⚖️
Innovation 491th 3.064⭐ 57🧑‍⚖️
Theme 434th 3.4⭐ 57🧑‍⚖️
Graphics 463th 2.964⭐ 57🧑‍⚖️
Audio 104th 3.556⭐ 56🧑‍⚖️
Mood 459th 2.809⭐ 57🧑‍⚖️
Given 108🗳️ 78🗨️


SG Alin
23. Apr 2018 · 19:01 UTC
Very fun game.
Vasco Freitas
23. Apr 2018 · 19:09 UTC
Nice idea, really enjoyed the music :) It was however a bit confusing to know which beats I was supposed to press enter to, a visual indication would be helpful. The control seems to need some work, it felt a bit stiff, although that could be in part due to do my failure to press enter on the control beats. My bike got stuck into the stairs at one point. Anyway, I enjoyed playing, thanks!
🎤 niterich
23. Apr 2018 · 19:23 UTC
@vasco-freitas Thank you for your feedback! Ironically, I did have a visual indication at some point, but it ended up getting desynced from the beat so I scrapped it instead of fixing it. Oops.
Alexander Danilovsky
23. Apr 2018 · 20:18 UTC
Cool! I was pleased to play this game!
23. Apr 2018 · 23:28 UTC
Love the music! The game is a little difficult since it isn't completely obvious when to tap to get boosts, and it also isn't clear if the speed and handling boosts stack.
24. Apr 2018 · 02:06 UTC
Audio was great, the game was fun and can easily be played while travelling just for time to pass by.
24. Apr 2018 · 02:12 UTC
It took a couple playthroughs before I realized I was supposed to hit Enter to boost. Fun once I got that figured out, though.
Ryan Bishop
24. Apr 2018 · 02:22 UTC
Music is hilarious, i think the game is pretty funny but it feels like mario kart ice kinda
24. Apr 2018 · 03:39 UTC
Can't stop playing it. Rhythm is so good!!!
24. Apr 2018 · 16:21 UTC
Awww, this looks really cool - I clicked on your download link just to see if I might be able to build the game on linux/mac, and got my hopes up by having the tux and apple icons... but alas! Exe-d!

Still, "Rockin' Horse". Great name.
🎤 niterich
24. Apr 2018 · 16:32 UTC
@mrspeaker Sorry about that! I'm new to Unity and completely in the dark about Linux/Mac, so I thought the default export option would be enough.
24. Apr 2018 · 19:40 UTC
I like the idea but even after reading the desc and playing a couple times I really still didn't understand the rhythm aspect or what button I was meant to be tapping, I tried tapping W mouse clicking and Space and didn't really notice any difference with any of them. My advice would be to make it more clear to the player how the game works and what the additional controls there are meant to be outside of WASD if there are any
🎤 niterich
24. Apr 2018 · 19:48 UTC
@gexalmighty Thanks for the feedback! I guess the controls are a bit weird, and there probably isn't enough feedback. You hold W to apply the thrust, and you tap Enter to the beat to either speed up or turn better. You get a speed cone ahead of you if you timed it right. I'll update the description to make that clearer.
25. Apr 2018 · 04:01 UTC
Well done! This game was short and fun, I did fall out of the map a few times but hey, you had a weekend to make it's imposible to make it perfect. Maybe you should tighten the controlles and make a few more levels and release it on steam??
Cole and Jordan Studios
25. Apr 2018 · 04:17 UTC
I managed to finish in 1:21 and after that got slower each time xD interesting concept for sure, but it was difficult for me to consistently get the timing right with the enter key. Something like that visual indication like you were talking about would've been nice but overall its a pretty cool game!
25. Apr 2018 · 04:40 UTC
Fun game. I would encourage you to adjust a few very low hanging fruits:
1) Consider playing around with the particle effects more. It has a very prominent space in the scene and the default just doesnt look good.
2) Consider just grabbing another skybox. A lot of people use unity and the default one has a bad link on most peoples minds.
These should be very high on the effort to reward scale if you have time.

Overall, congratulations on finishing! I would encourage you too add a tutorials of sorts in the game itself, or validate that the person is using the mechanics faster. In my first playthrough I got to the stairs, couldnt get up them, was annoyed and closed the game. Then I realized I could tap to the beat and the game became much better!

Regardless, good job, it was fun drifting.
🎤 niterich
25. Apr 2018 · 15:14 UTC
Thank you guys so much for your feedback!

@logflames: Thanks! That really means a lot to me. I'd have to look into the Steam uploading process, and would really need to update my game here: based on the reviews here, the game I threw together in 48 hours isn't quite ready for prime time yet. If you want, I can keep you updated if I decide to pursue this route.

@cole-and-jordan-studios: I've been hearing it's hard to keep track of the timing from a lot of people. I'm thinking there might be a syncing issue here that I'll have to look into.

@homoludens: Graphics were never really my forte, so I'll certainly keep those things in mind. And after playing a lot of game jam games, I'm starting to realize how important an in-game tutorial is, even if it's just a simple splash screen. Thank you for the advice.
26. Apr 2018 · 00:10 UTC
Interesting take the rhythm mechanic. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of having to keep track of the beats and control my horse at the same time, though.
26. Apr 2018 · 01:19 UTC
Wow great job making the 3D art and music! I ran the course three times, but still didn't beat snail so I think I was pretty bad. But I liked the grooving tunes, and I had a fun time drifting around the corners. One time after the well up the stairs, I was confused by which way to turn, I turned left and found myself what seemed like just off the course.

I never read the game's page, since I figure the game will explain it to me, but I'm kicking myself this time, because I was hitting the enter key on all quarter-note beats, which probably explains both why my hand hurts and also why I was stuck at Sir Snail!! Ooops, my bad. Kind of made it fun though since I was not very much in control coming around corners so I had to try to plan my racing line a bit more.

Cool idea to mix these two genres, I had fun.
🎤 niterich
26. Apr 2018 · 01:42 UTC
@pkenney Don't worry about your score, I couldn't get higher than Sir Snail either. I think it might be glitched.
Lost Dutchman Software
26. Apr 2018 · 02:59 UTC
I tried playing the game before reading how to play and kept getting stuck on the stairs, tried it again after reading how to play and made progress. Fun and creative idea.
28. Apr 2018 · 17:31 UTC
I love Mario kart like games. I'm impressed you were able to pull it off in a compo entry. I didn't see any two genres until I looked it up, so it would be great to have some visual feedback on the actual beats with some short explanation. While I would love to have some AI opponents, that is not somethign to expect in a game jam.

It felt mainly like a mario kart game, which has been done a couple of times already. Also the tapping mechanic isn't new, iirc it was in the wii Mario Kart, just not on the music beat.

It's a pretty good combination of rythm and racing games. Well done!

The graphics aren't top notch. But it's pretty big. I know that is really hard to pull off in a few hours. So I won't that harsh on the quality, but rather praise for your quantity.

I liked the catchy melody. It's really good. I'm not a fan of the instruments you picked, which is best used for pixel-ey game in my opinion. But the melody weighs in heavier here because good instruments are hard to come by.

The world felt a bit empty to me, again I won't be too harsh because I know it's pretty hard to get this right on such a big 3D world.

Overall I'm impressed by the size of the world you made. Very well done!
🎤 niterich
28. Apr 2018 · 19:38 UTC
@abductedplatypus Thank you for the in-depth feedback! I'll certainly keep this all in mind for my future projects!
28. Apr 2018 · 22:11 UTC
Cool Stuff man!
Nice low poly graphics, kick ass music, great feeling of speed. And the galloping enter added a lot of action.
A purpose for all these would be great. An incredible world of rocket horses is ahead!
29. Apr 2018 · 01:17 UTC
Very impressive! I really dig that low poly look and the environment you created. The music is great and the mechanic of tapping to beat 1/3 or 2/4 is a cool idea. Great submission!
29. Apr 2018 · 07:57 UTC
A little difficult to get the beat down but a fun idea with a decent execution!
Team Yarn
29. Apr 2018 · 10:27 UTC
Nice! I had fun with the actual game because of the sense of speed and the level itself, but keeping the rhythm felt kind off random at point.
29. Apr 2018 · 19:50 UTC
Love the idea, this could easily be turned into a polished game, I think. Turning felt a bit wild and difficult, but the mechanics were solid. The music, honestly, was great and fun to tap a beat to. Really cool submission.
29. Apr 2018 · 20:07 UTC
the first bit is pretty fun, but then the map kinda breaks down a bit. I found some sort of outside area in the castle, and explored it a bit but it was pretty hard to navigate, not sure what that was intended to be, maybe it was a shortcut I couldn't figure out how to use. once or twice I managed to turn the player so that it was facing the ground and I had to restart. If you keep working on this I would spend more time on the map, because the game play itself is pretty good. I don't know a ton about music but this music sounded pretty cool, and it was pretty easy to follow along with the beat. A visual cue would be nice though.
29. Apr 2018 · 20:15 UTC
I really spam enter, I sux on music games
30. Apr 2018 · 05:32 UTC
I love seeing something completely different, the original music was a joy too. Well done sir. Once the song got a bit faster though I found I lost the beat at times.
30. Apr 2018 · 07:27 UTC
I enjoyed your entry, and the core mechanics are fun and interesting, but it lacked in visual feedback for the player. I wasn't sure about what exactly hitting enter was doing for me, or when I should've been hitting it, but there's a great game to be developed further here. Please also enable the humor rating so I can 5/5 for the spicy end rating. :wink:

I played this on stream and provide extensive feedback there, please go and have a look! [Twitch Stream](
01. May 2018 · 03:16 UTC
tapping on space would've been easier.

Other than that, I think game was pretty cool and straight forward. The graphics were pleasant, music was nice and controls were easy to get used to and intuitive (other than tapping enter)

Although, as someone who is horrible at hearing the beat and responding to it, i found it hard. But that's just a personal thing :D

I really enjoyed the controls and how smooth they felt
02. May 2018 · 23:21 UTC
Do you ever get a better title than sir snail? Managed to get down to 57 seconds before I stopped :P I liked the rhythm of the game, its a nice twist to a cart-racer! Nice map too, and the music is very nicely done, suited it perfectly and some impressive work especially in the context of a jam. I really enjoyed this one, could obviously do with some polish, but a nice idea and a solid implementation
🎤 niterich
02. May 2018 · 23:55 UTC
@ciaranw Nice time! I don't think I even got below a minute. There were other titles like "Speed Daemon", "Sluggish Simpleton", and "Archduke Average", but I accidentally added a line of code that immediately overwrites them with "Sir Snail". Based on your time, you should have been named "Sir Speed".
03. May 2018 · 05:37 UTC
Nice 3d art and very nice that you got a racing course in! I thought I would just have to keep the beat and it would make me race better, but you can just press forward and go so I guess it's more for going faster. I liked that there was feedback when I was getting it on the beat, but would've been nice to see a timeline or something to know where the beats where and how I was doing on that end.

I'm sort of imagining a race rhythm game now where the racing or the course would be tied to the music, but that level of integration is probably out of scope for a weekend. I got around 2:07 for a finish time. Keep up the good work!
04. May 2018 · 08:13 UTC
Fun concept! The game sadly feels really unpolished. Nothing is explained in-game, which is a shame. Also, the steering is really bad if you don't know about the yellow-beat thingy.

Props for going 3D, you don't see that a lot. And the soundtrack was amazing!
04. May 2018 · 13:26 UTC
You got a lot done for it being in 3D. It took me awhile to figure out the difference between yellow and blue and I wasn't super consistently able to switch between them (but also suck at rhythm games). At around the 1-minute mark I jumped off the castle and kinda broke it (was just on a giant plain at that point). The steering is the roughest part -- maybe focus on gamefeel/polish a bit more?
Omiya Games
10. May 2018 · 01:01 UTC
The controls weren't very explained in my opinion: I confusingly tapped 1, 2, 3, and 4 button before figuring out I was supposed to enter, and the numbers were about the beats. Grasping the beats took a while, but once it's there, I find the experience enjoyable. I would recommend providing some visuals to make it clear how the beats are supposed to be interpreted, because I did have a lot of moments in the game where I was confused as to why me hitting enter didn't do anything. It would have been nice to see visually how I missed the beat. Also, the slopes were a bit too steep without the boosters, and I debate whether that's a good thing for players unable to grasp the beat.
10. May 2018 · 08:05 UTC
I like the rhythm feedback in your game (I mean these colored rings). I tried to do some rhythm games on game jams and I know that it's usually very hard to polish in a time restrictions. The feeling of speed is cool!

The idea of making two controlled modes of rhythm is a very good game-design move, in my opinion. But it was hard for me to switching between modes in a time with these rules without a big practice. I used different buttons pressing speed in my game, but it's not the perfect solution too.
10. May 2018 · 18:47 UTC
Aright, I did 2:02 ^^# This is a very dense game: racing and medieval and futuristic horses and rhythm and drift... That's a lot to unpack! It's very original and pretty fun, I'm really fond of horse to be honest... I feel it lacks a tutorial because I was focusing on hitting enter on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th note, and then at some point I hit it off-beat and got a huge [grey] speed boost! Maybe you were trying to do too many things at once and it lacks refinement but in the meantime... It may just be the most original playable game I stumble actoss for this LD41 so good job in this respect! Also the music ain't all that much but I can't grade you too harshly 'cause you're a fellow FL user so that's cool ^^ I hope to play more games from you in the future, take care :-D
10. May 2018 · 19:54 UTC
Confused at first on how the beat was taken, read the instruction afterward. Although in game, it's hard to tell if the effect is really applied. It is way easier to get the blue cone, so I went with this one to get used to. It might glide too much; I think just a speed boost would have been enough. I also managed to trigger a grey boost that I didn't manage to get what they did.

Aside that though, it's fun moving around, I'd expect pressing enter all the time would be annoying, but it isn't.
Goat Toaster Games
14. May 2018 · 01:48 UTC
I really love this idea! The graphics and music were great. I do wish there was some kind of visuals to help press the button at the right time of the beat, but other than that I really loved this! Great submission :D