SSSNAKESSS! by kevinworkman

made by kevinworkman for LD 39 (COMPO)

Play in your browser here:

It's Snake, but your runs are saved and shown in the background when other people play.

sssnakesss gif

Can I play on mobile?

Yep! The game is mobile-friendly, and should work on Android and iPhone. Just visit the above link and use the on-screen buttons in the bottom corners to rotate the snake.

Note that the view is top-down and the rotation is relative to the snake. So if the snake is going down and you turn left, the snake is now going right. If the snake is going right and you turn left, the snake is now going up.

On a real keyboard, just use the arrow keys.

Do the snakes interact?

No. This is more of a fun (?) visualization than it is a game. I wanted to see what it looks like when you overlay 100+ games of snake on each other.

Food spawned on my snake!

That's not a bug. Every user is shown the same sequence of food locations, so the snakes are all chasing the same thing. That means the food can spawn on top of your snake.

This game doesn't have sounds!

Listen to this while you play:

When you're sick of that, you'll be thanking me for not putting it in the game.

What does this have to do with the theme?

Oh right. Umm. Maybe instead of snakes, they're, like, electrons... and instead of food, it's protons? Yeah let's go with that.

What did you use to make the game?

I used P5.js for the game, and a basic Java servlet to store the data in a database.

Can I view the source?

Sure. It's just one HTML file with embedded JavaScript. In your browser, view the source of the page, and that's the source for the game.



Overall 424th 3.143⭐ 23🧑‍⚖️
Fun 324th 3.19⭐ 23🧑‍⚖️
Innovation 327th 3.095⭐ 23🧑‍⚖️
Theme 661th 1.15⭐ 22🧑‍⚖️
Graphics 522th 2.667⭐ 23🧑‍⚖️
Humor 108th 3.238⭐ 23🧑‍⚖️
Mood 461th 2.632⭐ 21🧑‍⚖️
Given 16🗳️ 27🗨️


31. Jul 2017 · 06:41 CEST
All the pretty colors. Your loading screen cracks me up
31. Jul 2017 · 13:53 CEST
Nice !

But I don't see the relation with "Running out of power" (even if your explanation is fun :smirk:).
01. Aug 2017 · 04:03 CEST
An old (and fun classic) with other users phantoms (interesting!) and a boring loading screen :(

As @matoux42 said in his comment, this game doesn't fits the jam theme. Good work though.
01. Aug 2017 · 04:07 CEST
Very cool to see the other players. I have never felt so connected to humanity while playing Snake. The loading screen took way longer than 15 seconds. No connection to the theme, but a fun description and page, and an interesting technological/human psychology demo. Play on Huge to really appreciate the hive mind.
Daniel Conway
01. Aug 2017 · 04:08 CEST
Good scale for a ludum dare entry. Usually loading screens are boring, but not yours! I like how you stayed true to the original game of snake but also innovated with more game modes.
Good work!
01. Aug 2017 · 11:02 CEST
Wow, the multiplayer aspects of Journey put into a snake game that's really cool! It might not fit the theme but I totally bought the explanation. Love the many game modes that gives a new refreshing take, on a old classic, I have played to death on my phone. Great mobile support as well and thank you for giving me a chance to have snake on my phone again. Good work!
01. Aug 2017 · 13:04 CEST
Wanted to comment that it seemed the keyboard inputs do not work, then realized my keyboard was not plugged in. Other than the elephant (in the snake) in the room, the multiplayer aspect was interesting. I was always behind the others, so they lead my way, until they fell one by one. Slow and steady wins the race, or so I would've said if I were the last one. Oh well, at least I know I left my mark : )
02. Aug 2017 · 06:28 CEST
Very interesting idea.

One weird thing I noticed is, because of the big snake head, it feels like there is a delay between keypress and action, it kept making me mess up.

Otherwise, nice job on this cool concept!
02. Aug 2017 · 06:28 CEST
sorry for double comment
02. Aug 2017 · 06:35 CEST
As everyone say, i don't really see the connexion with the theme at all ! But really nice work for 36 hours, that a lot of jobs and details (8 modes + loading screens) ! Always happy to see p5/processing game (i autorize myself to give you the link to my portfolio where i've made some p5.js work (a pong which change the color of the website and randoms triangle)). A bit sad you didn't fit with the theme (with few graphics change it was easy to make it fit), because the rest is really awesome !
02. Aug 2017 · 18:37 CEST
Best loading screen I've seen in a while :D
02. Aug 2017 · 21:28 CEST
I love the idea of the game but the colors of the other players are so intense and distracting, maybe with a little bit of opacity the game would be more enjoyable.

Good job and good idea!
02. Aug 2017 · 23:40 CEST
i didnt actually read the main point of the game, so for most of the levels i thought it was just a pretty good port of snake with pretty backgrounds. once i tried jumble and read that it was showing other people's runs though, wow was i taken by surprise. It's such a cool idea, it really doesn't change the gameplay but it really changes how i play the game. now its about racing others, and seeing where others go before you get there to try to catch up. maybe after a while people could try writing messages with the snakes. super simple but super awesome idea, nice job!
03. Aug 2017 · 04:44 CEST
Awesome Game!! I love snake this puts a new spin on it! I also liked see how everyone else drops off as your score grows!
03. Aug 2017 · 10:03 CEST
This is a really interesting idea for a change to a classic game.

If only the theme was snakes!

I really liked the way that everything was snakey, and really liked the load screen. Also the detail of your snake poking its tongue at you was nice.

It's quite satisfying when all background snakes die and you are the only one left.

It might have been cool to put a face on the snakes on the background, so it's clearer that they are snakes / what they are doing.

It might also have been cool to see what would happen if the food spawned based on time instead of spawning whenever you eat some food, as this would mean all the snakes in the background would rush to the same food you were trying to get to.

Overall I quite like it :).
03. Aug 2017 · 10:28 CEST
Cool loading screen but loading times seemed way too long for a snake game?

At first I found all the other snakes distracting but once they started dying off it transformed the game into really cool, now it became a contest and you felt very good when you were the last one alive.

Good job!
20. Aug 2017 · 18:08 CEST
Cute game with the best loading screen :) Thank you for not putting that music in the game.
22. Aug 2017 · 15:43 CEST
I really enjoyed this game. The loading screen was funny and the gameplay was great. It was very challenging. The moving lines across the screen made it harder to concentrate and that made the game even more challenging(something I like in a game). I would say, that it would be cool if you added a length metre at the end of the level so you could see your score and try to beat it. Good job!!