Dayunisi Builds the World! by niterich

made by niterich for Ludum Dare 45 (COMPO)

In the Cherokee creation story, the world was formed when Dayunisi, the Water Beetle, left the sky realm to find more room. When it found only water, it dove to the bottom of it and brought back some mud. This mud began to grow until it became the land mass we know as Earth.

So here's a Terraria clone.

pic sunday 545 pm 2.png

I didn't quite manage to finish it in time, so there's no end goal, the powerups don't actually work, and the map is relatively small. And, as seems to be tradition with me in these jams, I never got around to programming the death mechanic properly.


A, D - Move

W / Space - Jump

Q, E - Change Equipment

Left Mouse Button - Mine block / Place block

Mouse Scroll Wheel - Change zoom level


Overall 450th 2.863⭐ 42🧑‍⚖️
Fun 422th 2.738⭐ 42🧑‍⚖️
Innovation 407th 2.7⭐ 42🧑‍⚖️
Theme 422th 2.825⭐ 42🧑‍⚖️
Graphics 445th 2.55⭐ 42🧑‍⚖️
Audio 255th 2.975⭐ 42🧑‍⚖️
Given 49🗳️ 27🗨️


07. Oct 2019 · 17:14 UTC
I never found the buzzard who delivers cash, but I built a nice house!
07. Oct 2019 · 17:42 UTC
i dont know how to get money but i built some underwater structures! i understand you ran out of time, but it's a great concept that was implemented well. Also losing your hp could be made easier.
07. Oct 2019 · 17:47 UTC
Really cool!! A simple but neat addition would be if the main character switched sides depending on where you go. Other than that, I had fun.
07. Oct 2019 · 17:51 UTC
I built a nice money-making platform, because I wanted those clouds whether they buffed or not. It was fun. The art was good, even though I wish the character was animated. The sound and music fit the game well.
07. Oct 2019 · 22:51 UTC
Wasn't quite sure what I'm supposed to be doing. Found the win the game cloud but I never got any money :(
🎤 niterich
08. Oct 2019 · 01:18 UTC
Thank you all for your feedback!

@barrier @blobo @pranavftw Do you mind if I ask you which OS you're using? Because Buzzard is supposed to come every 80 seconds to drop coins on any block above water. It works fine on my end, so I'm wondering what's going on here.
08. Oct 2019 · 01:18 UTC
Windows, though i used the HTML5 build.
08. Oct 2019 · 05:23 UTC
Nice little game, fun !
08. Oct 2019 · 08:34 UTC
@niterich Oh, I'm using Windows 10 with chrome. I used the HTML5 build.
09. Oct 2019 · 19:46 UTC
Got the start of a Terraria like game here. Different block types are cool. One suggestion might be to attach swapping changing my tool to mousewheel instead of Q and E? In unity you can use Input.mouseScrollDelta.y which will be either -1 or +1 when the user scrolls the mousewheel.

Looking forward to seeing what you do next.
09. Oct 2019 · 19:51 UTC
Neat machanic, it's a shame you couldn't finishit properly. Music and sounds are quite good by the way.
🎤 niterich
09. Oct 2019 · 20:06 UTC
@candlesan I was thinking about doing that, but I had my heart set on using the scroll wheel for zooming in and out, and I felt that using Q and E wouldn't be the end of the world. But in the end I agree that the mouse wheel is the better option. I'll keep your advice in mind for future jams!
Honey Pony
09. Oct 2019 · 20:40 UTC
Neat game. I liked the music.

I think my favorite mechanic is that different blocks can only be built in certain ways, although it was a little buggy (sometimes I was able to build dirt on the sides of things).
🎤 niterich
09. Oct 2019 · 20:55 UTC
@honey-pony Thanks for playing! Yeah, I think I forgot to tag a lot of things, so it only checks if there is *something* underneath, be it a block, a coin, or even the player themselves.
09. Oct 2019 · 23:19 UTC
Fun concept, the digging was relaxing. I couldn't get the buzzard to come on HTML version either.
10. Oct 2019 · 04:32 UTC
The whole game is a water level. Water level, man! I wanted to dig and discover but having to go up for air all the time made it a bit more stressful, I would enjoy the game much more if I was a fish or something. I saw there was a more breath upgrade that you were planning to implement, maybe that would change the game completely. I would definitely like to see more of this if you ever push the project forward, nice initiative :)
16. Oct 2019 · 06:04 UTC
It's cute. I never got any money. Doesn't seem to be much of a goal besides building blocks upwards.
22. Oct 2019 · 01:08 UTC
emmm nice game but i wanna know how can i earn money then
🎤 niterich
22. Oct 2019 · 04:06 UTC
@ogre @hiroboto Okay, so that makes six people who haven't got any money and I still have no idea what's going on. I can only think maybe they didn't build above the water's surface, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Either way, I ran out of time to program in the powerups so you're not missing out on much tbh.
22. Oct 2019 · 11:11 UTC
Graphics and sound is nice. There is a bug where you just don't need any money to win the game... the bird is suprising but i just couldn't know he gives money... maybe if he cloud throw the money all the time and it just break in water it would give more information that you need to build some kind of platform.

at 1st i though it's going to be something between subnautica and terraria but sadly it's not
Rodrigo Robles
25. Oct 2019 · 03:24 UTC
Good game, there is a pity you couldn't finish it in time. You can train your pixel art a bit more, but the music is very good.
Black Flag
25. Oct 2019 · 21:59 UTC
This game was a lot of fun! I spent most of my time building my house :laughing: , the building and destroying reminded me a lot of Terraria! I thought the underwater physics also worked nicely! The audio was also very fitting to the games overall fun and enjoyable atmosphere! Overall, this is a very good jam entry!
27. Oct 2019 · 22:36 UTC
Ive enjoyed it in general. Thanks for a cool game
Tim Eriksen
28. Oct 2019 · 21:25 UTC
Love the "project setup" phase :smile:
29. Oct 2019 · 21:05 UTC
Yeah I messed around for a bit but I never got any money. And so I tried to let my character die but that wasn't working either.

Oh well game Jams are still always good practice.
29. Oct 2019 · 21:05 UTC
Yeah I messed around for a bit but I never got any money. And so I tried to let my character die but that wasn't working either.

Oh well game Jams are still always good practice.
30. Oct 2019 · 22:23 UTC
I came here after reading your Post-Mortem. I like the building mechanic of the game! And the music as well. It took me a while to figure out that the different blocks could be placed in different ways, but after I found the text explanation, I quickly noticed that I could slowly climb up with just three blocks (at least one grey) or with two purple blocks. I reached the heighest cloud in that way, but not nearly with enough money. :wink: After that I finally explored a little but deeper and found the wood, which was very nice to create stairs. :) Nice entry, I enjoyed playing it! With some more work, you could turn it into a nice Post-Compo game! :)