What plants crave by csanyk

made by csanyk for LD34 (COMPO)
Such as it is. It's not coming together like I thought, but here's the abandoned effort.

What Plants Crave is a dice-driven statistical modeling game where you try to keep a plant alive and help it grow by controlling the amount of water and fertilizer it receives each day.

Press W to water the plant today.
Press F to fertilize the plant today.
Press B to add Brawndo.

Watch your reserves and be careful not to overfeed or overwater the plant.


17. Dec 2015 · 19:44 UTC
Bad idea to make a game that has to be installed. Puts people off.
🎤 csanyk
20. Dec 2015 · 17:30 UTC
I didn't realize I had done that... thanks for catching. Normally I don't make an install package build. In this case, it's nothing anyone would want to play anyway.