World Without End by niterich

made by niterich for Ludum Dare 47 (COMPO)

Salvation in 45 seconds or your eternity is free!


Salvation in 45 seconds or your eternity is free!

The idea was to split the game into two halves: you would run around a huge map to collect as many upgrades and weapons as you can in 45 seconds, then you get to fight a boss. Every time you'd repeat, you'd refine your pathing in the first half. Do you max out your health to take more hits, or do you grab all the mobility upgrades so you don't get hit in the first place? ...that was the plan, anyway. Unfortunately, I ran out of time, so it's a very barebones experience.


Overall 616th 2.404⭐ 28🧑‍⚖️
Fun 533th 2.692⭐ 28🧑‍⚖️
Innovation 602th 2.385⭐ 28🧑‍⚖️
Theme 564th 2.692⭐ 28🧑‍⚖️
Graphics 582th 2.365⭐ 28🧑‍⚖️
Audio 367th 2.885⭐ 28🧑‍⚖️
Mood 471th 2.78⭐ 27🧑‍⚖️
Given 41🗳️ 25🗨️


06. Oct 2020 · 00:49 UTC
You ran out of time but still submitted to the Compo? Why not put in one more day of work and submit it as Jam Entry? I really liked the first half and it'd be awesome to play the second one as well - if you ever finish your idea, tell me, because I want to play it ^^
🎤 niterich
06. Oct 2020 · 02:34 UTC
@leorid Thanks for playing! I always submit to the Compo, I run out of energy and patience after 48 hours of straight game jamming. And this was an idea I've been kicking around in my head for a while, but more in a long form Metroidvania game, so it'll take a while to properly expand on it.
06. Oct 2020 · 11:10 UTC
I like the idea, and the execution is there, I chuckled on the boss fight. You are onto something. I can second your feel about not going for Jam, I do exactly the same, one LD joined with a friend and we still finished after second day, going full 3 is devastating :D.
06. Oct 2020 · 17:37 UTC
Unfortunate you couldn't finish the game properly, I liked the concept and overall feel and the music was really good
08. Oct 2020 · 15:25 UTC
OMG, It's true shooter...... Amezing..... I can't say anything,
Idan Rooze
08. Oct 2020 · 16:44 UTC
Hey, congratulations on the game! I thought it was cool that you decided to go for the thing that was interesting for you. It looks like you had a scope issue, which is fine. Hopefully this was a good experience for you. Thank you for sharing your entry regardless of you not finishing it! I had a good laugh with the boss battle.
10. Oct 2020 · 16:13 UTC
lol gr8 concept nevertheless, fun, gg
better time management next time - like us all ;) ^^#
11. Oct 2020 · 19:58 UTC
Dooooom !
19. Oct 2020 · 09:52 UTC
The game didn't load in my browser, unfortunately... I love the concept though!
19. Oct 2020 · 20:32 UTC
I do really like the idea, your level was well designed and the game was fast paced enough to make it work. In conjunction, the sound was good and there was a huge selection of weapons, which all felt good. The movement and camera control both felt pretty good too, although with more time I think it could have been polished some more. I can see how you ran out of time with so much content! But its a shame because adding some damage taking to the enemies and even just throwing an extra deadly one on the final level would have really pulled it together. Good job on what you made though, its definitely fun!
20. Oct 2020 · 20:21 UTC
Nice idea! Too bad that you didn't have time to finish it!