Inky's Revenge by bigbadwofl

made by bigbadwofl for LD33 (COMPO)
EDIT: After reading a few comments: if you get stuck, simply press escape and you'll be given options including, retry.

If it takes too long to load at any point. Press Ctrl+F5. My cheap cloud hosting sometimes gets afraid.

Best run in Chrome.

I'll type something more useful in this box tomorrow. Need sleepytimes!

*FL Studio
*My Wife's Patience


Coolness 55% 3
Overall 4.00 30
Audio 4.14 14
Fun 3.77 78
Graphics 4.37 26
Innovation 3.13 389
Mood 3.86 60
Theme 3.37 487


24. Aug 2015 · 06:49 UTC
Nice relaxing puzzle game! I love the music, it's so soothing. Had a laugh at the layout of the final map :p
25. Aug 2015 · 19:55 UTC
I love the art. I think you also did a great job of introducing the different mechanics in the first few levels.
25. Aug 2015 · 19:56 UTC
This was awesome, I really liked the way it progressively explained the concepts. The music and graphics are great,
25. Aug 2015 · 19:56 UTC
Wow this is a very professional-quality game. The way you introduce gameplay elements is quite intuitive. Excellent job!
25. Aug 2015 · 19:57 UTC
I managed to get stuck on the first pink ghost level by turning off bridges either side of an island
Random Seed Games
25. Aug 2015 · 19:58 UTC
Very cool. One of the best I've played so far. Love the audio touches when you get pickups. I really enjoy when a game makes the sfx sort of "in tune" with the background music.
25. Aug 2015 · 20:00 UTC
Really enjoyed this simply and relaxing game. Nicely polished and didn't encounter any bugs.

Good effort.
25. Aug 2015 · 20:00 UTC
really neat game. liked the mood, art and audio.
Camera movement is a bit clunky when i change the movement direction. At one point I pressed escape because I got stuck. Then i pressed escape again, thinking it would return to game, but it took me to the main menu. I gave up on that point.

Great job nonetheless, would love to see what you could do with this game with more time.
26. Aug 2015 · 16:22 UTC
Really nice to see a game revisiting an old classic one like Pacman. I really liked it!
26. Aug 2015 · 16:45 UTC
Seems like if you get hit by two pacmans at the same time you lose two lives? Also annoying when I would trap myself on an island :(

Despite those minor things, agree with others that it was a nice relaxing game which did a great job introducing things before they were actually threatening. Great job.
26. Aug 2015 · 16:46 UTC
this game is definitely a "relaxing" type of game, nice job with the graphics they are quite nice and the music is smooth, too. Good job!
26. Aug 2015 · 16:47 UTC
Nice game! The graphics are great, the music is relaxing, and the theme is respected, well done ;)
26. Aug 2015 · 17:03 UTC
Nice idear and graphics.
Music is quite good too.

The game is nice and very polish but too repetitive.
28. Aug 2015 · 09:09 UTC
Very coool. Got stuck on that island as well and there doesn't seem to be a way to respawn manually? Great game nonetheless, I really dig the level design.
28. Aug 2015 · 13:16 UTC
Beautiful spin on the classic game.
Jani Nykänen
28. Aug 2015 · 16:16 UTC
So this is a compo entry and it's still so polished and had a good amount of content? Wow.
02. Sep 2015 · 22:50 UTC
It is one of the best games I played in this LD so far. I really liked the art and level design.
13. Sep 2015 · 16:47 UTC
Jelly pac fish! well! i liked it!
the game, the graphics, the music, well done! :)