NotZilla: Ice Cream Vendor by RisingPixel

made by RisingPixel for LD33 (JAM)

You are NotGodZilla, and your life passion is to sell ice cream.

The only problem is that, with you being a monster of colossal dimensions, any strong or fast movement can result in death and destruction, which usually aren't good things for your clients.

Xbox360 Gamepad is recommended, left stick to move the monster and the right one to move the hand. You can also use keyboard with WASD and arrow keys

Don't be rude!


Eres NotGodZilla, y tu pasión es vender helados.

El único problema es que, al ser un monstruo de dimensiones colosales, cualquier movimiento demasiado brusco o rápido puede resultar en destrucción y muertes, que no suelen ser buenos para tus clientes.

Luca ‘Tato’ Contato ( - Programmer, Game Designer
Daniela ‘SbaDany’ Arienti ( - Artist
Miguel Rosso ( - Additional programmer, Game Designer, Sound Effects
Fernando ( - Web Programmer (Highscores)
Esteban ‘El Benevolente’ Rivero ( - Music, Sound Effects


Coolness 88% 2
Overall(Jam) 4.20 20
Audio(Jam) 3.99 53
Fun(Jam) 3.97 43
Graphics(Jam) 4.40 71
Humor(Jam) 4.69 5
Innovation(Jam) 4.24 14
Mood(Jam) 3.82 115
Theme(Jam) 4.49 6


24. Aug 2015 · 21:52 CEST
Really superb entry! Everything about this game was flawless. I like how you took the concept of being a monster and gave the play the illusion and frustration of choosing to do good, but being forced to become a monster constantly by accident. Very well done!
25. Aug 2015 · 00:56 CEST
This. Is. AWESOME!
25. Aug 2015 · 00:59 CEST
25. Aug 2015 · 00:59 CEST
Nobody loves melted icecream.
25. Aug 2015 · 00:59 CEST
Oh my, this is a funny entry. Very innovative gameplay and funny graphics. Excellent job! Also I'm was way too rude for everyone and sucked at selling ice cream..
25. Aug 2015 · 01:01 CEST
Wasn't too happy with the controls. Felt too frustrating to hold my interest for long.
25. Aug 2015 · 01:03 CEST
SO GREAT! Had me laughing!
25. Aug 2015 · 01:11 CEST
A bit hard (especially when you have clients on your back) but very well executed !
25. Aug 2015 · 01:14 CEST
Amazing, love the reversing sound, quite difficult to hand an ice cream to someone. but that's the point
25. Aug 2015 · 01:33 CEST
The real monsters are those people who change their minds about icecream!
Mark Smith
25. Aug 2015 · 01:35 CEST
Great entry! I love the idea and the controls were frustrating in a good way because that's how Notzilla must feel haha. Love the music and especially the reversing noise and look on his face when you try to go backwards!
25. Aug 2015 · 02:20 CEST
This was hilarious! I love the beeping when you reverse. It was brutally difficult, which was interesting.
25. Aug 2015 · 03:17 CEST
There is so much GLORY in this game! HAHAHAH
The beep sounds when you go back, the awkwardness of it, the game over screen.

5/5 buddy.
25. Aug 2015 · 04:04 CEST
Laughed so hard ! Amazing entry !
25. Aug 2015 · 04:04 CEST
25. Aug 2015 · 05:42 CEST
Absolutely loved this game.
25. Aug 2015 · 10:50 CEST
5 starred it all!

This game is super smart and very funny.
It feels very polished!

I did play with keys which isn't too bad but I can imagen how the game will be even better when played with 360 controller (didn't had the time to plug it in).

Cool stuff, I'm curious if you will do something more with this concept! :D
25. Aug 2015 · 14:03 CEST
Awesome! :D
25. Aug 2015 · 15:27 CEST
Love the art style and how you used the theme! Poor Notzilla, haha! :D
The game was too hard for me though, I had a hard time trying to get to the "zoomed in" state, to hand over the ice cream, and often when I did things went by so fast and I was always deemed too rude. :P
Overall really, really nice work! :)
25. Aug 2015 · 18:20 CEST
Holly cow this is great! The idea is perfect and I love the awkward controls, it's like surgeon simulator...but with a dinosaur...which makes it better! :D Great job!!
26. Aug 2015 · 00:08 CEST
very awesome. Good use of the theme!
Ninja Garage
26. Aug 2015 · 00:19 CEST
Awesome, hahaha!
26. Aug 2015 · 00:23 CEST
26. Aug 2015 · 00:23 CEST
Awesome !
26. Aug 2015 · 00:31 CEST
It's fantastic!!

I've killed everybody by running and at the end the ice cream melted :S

I love it. Really good job!!
26. Aug 2015 · 00:32 CEST
Well, this game shows me how bad I am at selling icecream... Great game and nice Idea, but a bit too hard.
26. Aug 2015 · 01:08 CEST
Great work! I love this game!
26. Aug 2015 · 01:26 CEST
Controls were insanely difficult (especially on keyboard) but I found the concept to be absolutely hilarious (especially the little reversing sound NotZilla makes).

The only problem I have is that control sensitivity needs some adjustment (I literally had to hold the key down for 3 seconds to move so I ended up doing short hops instead to move across the level faster). Gamepad controls weren't working for me properly as well (although it might be because I was using InputMapper with a PS4 pad rather than an actual Xbox controller).
26. Aug 2015 · 01:37 CEST
Featured Here -

26. Aug 2015 · 02:16 CEST
That reversing sound made me laugh so hard! I love this entry since the first screenshot on LD blog. It has not only very funny and well theme-matched concept, but also surprising nice gameplay. But as you said in description - playing on gamepad is the only option if you care about your clients. [T]
26. Aug 2015 · 02:25 CEST
Absolutely hilarious and very well done!
26. Aug 2015 · 02:37 CEST
One of the funniest games I've played so far. Controls took a little bit of getting used to, but I guess that's the point. Really makes you feel clumsy and not in control, just like the monster!
26. Aug 2015 · 05:04 CEST
This is hilarious! Awesome game! Thanks for not having a replay button, or else I won't have time to play other games.
Maxi and The Gang
26. Aug 2015 · 05:04 CEST
so much fun!
26. Aug 2015 · 06:56 CEST
awesome work! with a good and not copy as pasted gameplay and a very high sense of humour =D
26. Aug 2015 · 09:41 CEST
Great game!
Fresh humor, good polish and great gameplay!
26. Aug 2015 · 10:06 CEST
This is so awesome! The audio (especially walking backward), the cute NotZilla graphics, the humor. Great work!
Chris M
26. Aug 2015 · 11:56 CEST
Made me laugh a fair few times! Loved the juxtaposition of the zilla's kind temperament with the destruction being caused.
26. Aug 2015 · 17:18 CEST
Really clever interpretation of the theme. It was a little short, but it was a lot of fun.
26. Aug 2015 · 20:49 CEST
Very nice entry and lots of humorous stuff! Would recommend to friends (not that I have any).
27. Aug 2015 · 14:42 CEST
Really fun game and loved the look of it. Really well polished entry.
28. Aug 2015 · 18:03 CEST
This game is HARD but the humor makes up for it all. I love it!
Jani Nykänen
28. Aug 2015 · 19:38 CEST
Hahhah, totally hilarious (and awesome) game!
29. Aug 2015 · 23:14 CEST
Haha.. Not easy being a monster! I keep killing my customers with their ice cream.
30. Aug 2015 · 15:01 CEST
Absolutely silly and amazing, keyboard control was very wonky but much better with a controller
30. Aug 2015 · 19:36 CEST
Nice idea, but it is not quite playable due to the controls
31. Aug 2015 · 17:58 CEST
Very hard and funny game. Nice audio and good graphics. :)
31. Aug 2015 · 18:13 CEST
Nice idea but I was unable to sell any ice cream. I tried with keyboard and with controller but it was impossible for me.

I really missed one "Retry" button because I had to refresh my browser many times :P anyways, good idea and sounds :)
Sergi Montaner
03. Sep 2015 · 00:39 CEST
I lost because and ice cream melted, awesome!
Couldn't get the controller working so It was a bit hard to play, but the concept is amazing
03. Sep 2015 · 20:55 CEST
funny AND smart !
The way the controls are a bit awkward perfectly fit the theme in my opinion.
04. Sep 2015 · 19:24 CEST
Very nice concept! Too bad I couldn't get any ice cream sold to the customers (they kept getting in the way for some reason).
Josh Riley
06. Sep 2015 · 05:48 CEST
I'm so bad at this!
08. Sep 2015 · 10:04 CEST
Hilarious game (That reverse sound! :D), and one of the best I played so far! Superb idea and great execution. Top score for this one!
10. Sep 2015 · 03:29 CEST
Interesting concept. Character moved a little slow for my taste, and I found it a bit difficult at first, but become a lot more fun once I got the hang of it.