Impassioned Fowl by chromebookbob

made by chromebookbob for LD33 (COMPO)
You are a Goose. You hate honking. Your hatred is completely irrational. You are a monster. Stay calm for as long as possible or face a talking to from another goose.

Controls: click through menus, click buttons.

For best results play directly on not here, or download the standalone apps

I used Stencyl as my engine, photoshop for graphics, audacity to edit my honking and for my soundtrack.

I have included all the versions of the game in my source so you can see the progression, as well as all the assets in a raw format.

I had great fun this jam!

My high score is 61, can you beat it??

[24 AUG: I noticed, thanks to a comment, a small bug where some of the geese showed "null" instead of honking, I observed the rules of LD and discovered "Certain Bug Fixes are allowed" as long as I notify you, all I did was add "-1" to my code so it only retrieves items within the list. Thanks all]

check out the timelapse of day 1:
day 2:


Coolness 87% 2
Overall 3.12 472
Audio 2.99 349
Fun 3.08 427
Graphics 2.90 562
Humor 3.97 35
Innovation 3.30 277
Mood 2.98 485
Theme 2.70 803


24. Aug 2015 · 02:57 UTC
This is by far the most entertaining game I've played today. Such a simple concept, but so fun!

OF course, I have been hyped for the game since I saw the first goose sprite. I guess I have a soft spot for waterfowl :)

My one suggestion is that the status bar should be moved below the buttons, so you can see it as you click.

Excellent work!
24. Aug 2015 · 10:10 UTC
What was that x)
I laughed too much dude ^^
Good audio and nice graphics
24. Aug 2015 · 10:13 UTC
I had fun with this, thanks. I actually lol'd at "You are a goose."
24. Aug 2015 · 10:14 UTC
I'm still trying to find how that fits the theme, but it's crazy so I love it. My only complain would be that english being not my mothertongue, I've hard times understanding what was the actual correct sentence sometimes :)
24. Aug 2015 · 10:19 UTC
Short n' funky.

Commentary on the social and psychological cage surrounding geese is a fun idea. The swift punishment for nonconformity and psychological disorder is as gripping as it should be.

Good idea and all the execution I reckon it needed.
24. Aug 2015 · 10:53 UTC
Interesting concept! Very funny, too.
24. Aug 2015 · 10:54 UTC
You score on humor!

The bad-screen takes WAY too long.
24. Aug 2015 · 10:56 UTC
Weird * 1.000.000. Well done.
24. Aug 2015 · 11:01 UTC
Very educational, a great insight into geese
24. Aug 2015 · 11:03 UTC
Simple gameplay, but so fun.
I laughed a lot. Maximum humor points.

I got 49.
The monster theme felt a bit tacked on, which was funnier anyway.

24. Aug 2015 · 13:04 UTC
24. Aug 2015 · 13:07 UTC
Cool idea. Yep, our society is something like that... or not... don't listen to my, I'm just an obnoxious goose.
24. Aug 2015 · 13:15 UTC
I'm dying! XDDD
24. Aug 2015 · 13:53 UTC
Pretty funny and humoristic. Nice game :)
24. Aug 2015 · 14:05 UTC
Nice idea
24. Aug 2015 · 14:17 UTC
Great entry! Very creative, hahah.
24. Aug 2015 · 14:27 UTC
Graphics and sound are setting up the mood ! ^^
I'm not fluent enouth in engligh to try a high score, I success to reach the lvl 2 but after it's to hard for me. High score : 15...
24. Aug 2015 · 17:01 UTC
haha, loved it :D
24. Aug 2015 · 17:06 UTC
Love it!
24. Aug 2015 · 17:19 UTC
Very fun and funny. I like the idea of the Goose being the monster, because they really are anyway.

The only problem I had was the seizure inducing color party when you lose your cool.
24. Aug 2015 · 17:53 UTC
Really funny!!
24. Aug 2015 · 18:20 UTC
There was a goose infestation where I used to live. This game definitely makes me laugh. I completely get the "you are the monster" reference in this!
24. Aug 2015 · 18:57 UTC
To quote the popular saying 'WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN!'. Well played!
24. Aug 2015 · 19:06 UTC
I've got 52 score, if I recall.

The yay:
- quite amusing!
- wide range of goosethoughts

The nay:
- graphical inconsistency (especially pixelated objects with text)
- nullhonkers
- I wasn't getting any closer to Canada ;-;

I foresee it scoring high in "Humor" charts. ^^
Jeroen Kappé
24. Aug 2015 · 20:02 UTC
Wow, very nice game it looks great
24. Aug 2015 · 20:10 UTC
I don't get it XD, but its fun.
24. Aug 2015 · 20:47 UTC
The whole game could have been improved visually & audio-wise quite a bit, but it makes up for that by being hilarious. You have made a very, erm, "special" game. :p
24. Aug 2015 · 21:47 UTC
This is a strange game, I like it.
Mr. Jif
24. Aug 2015 · 22:27 UTC
Hilarious and strange. I loved it :) Glad I stuck around long enough for the clouds to start moving
24. Aug 2015 · 22:51 UTC
This game is really weird, but there is something enticing about it. Maybe it's the brilliantly animated geese or the trippy colours when you fail, but this does give a good impression.
25. Aug 2015 · 01:36 UTC
I love te
25. Aug 2015 · 02:25 UTC
Great concept!
Might want to include an epilepsy warning.
Lady Beardo
25. Aug 2015 · 03:09 UTC
Like most geese, I too often ignore calls from my parents. This is bananas and I love it.
25. Aug 2015 · 03:25 UTC
weirdest entry so far, well done!
Jamie Guillemette
25. Aug 2015 · 04:04 UTC
nice goose sprite. Web client didn't work for me.. native OS X download did :) a little more time between decisions would be good
25. Aug 2015 · 04:29 UTC
That dialogue was golden. Quite an amusing game! I liked how the text starting moving around to give some added difficulty. Managed to get to 64 before being called out on my monstrous tendencies.
25. Aug 2015 · 04:31 UTC
This was way out there, good job, made me laugh.
25. Aug 2015 · 06:17 UTC
What?...One of them pooped on my car! Nice game there man, I really liked the art and animations that you put in this game.
Shadow Dreamer
25. Aug 2015 · 15:11 UTC
Dude, very interesting game, and an interesting take on the theme as well! Good job.
25. Aug 2015 · 16:19 UTC
So deep. Like I'm literally staring into the minds of geese in flight. :)
25. Aug 2015 · 17:59 UTC
Hahaha, fanstastic! "Ignore call from parents" was what pushed me over the edge. This is definitely a game with me in mind. Great overall, and especially as far as casting an animal not typically considered to be a monster.
25. Aug 2015 · 20:31 UTC
Quite the humorous game! I included it in part 4 of my Ludum Dare 33 Compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)
26. Aug 2015 · 00:32 UTC
Very entertaining! It does feel like staring into the minds of geese in flight. After a few rounds, I managed to get 70 before becoming overly anxious. 4.5/5 overall.
26. Aug 2015 · 00:48 UTC
HAHAHA, I still don't know what I just played but it was awesome! Incredibly funny!
Great job man!
Cory Martin
26. Aug 2015 · 08:07 UTC
This is pretty funny. It's surprisingly a fun challenge to read through the options and pick the one that won't offend any of the honkers. The failure screen does take a bit too long though. I also wish the text were more readable.
26. Aug 2015 · 11:56 UTC
After leaving this review I will to go back and meditate on this. *sage nod*
26. Aug 2015 · 15:01 UTC
I really like the end scene, the colors flashing are great. I think the sounds work well and it is funny.
26. Aug 2015 · 19:35 UTC
Pretty funny stuff!
27. Aug 2015 · 13:50 UTC
Geese are evil! They are the real monsters.
Amusing little game!
27. Aug 2015 · 15:21 UTC
Well that was certainly interesting. Never did I think that I would click on impassioning messages to stop a goose getting a stern talking to.
29. Aug 2015 · 14:19 UTC
Really funny game, good job!
29. Aug 2015 · 17:03 UTC
Oh man. Gooses can be assholes. Fun game :)
29. Aug 2015 · 18:14 UTC
Love it.
29. Aug 2015 · 20:59 UTC
Unique game! honk
31. Aug 2015 · 17:31 UTC
Great sound.
02. Sep 2015 · 03:35 UTC
Decent little game. Not much to see, but not much wrong with it either.
07. Sep 2015 · 00:55 UTC
Ha ha ha, this was great! Loved it when the thought bubbles started to float around. This is a great mechanic because as it gets harder to click, I find myself more and more attracted to "kill everyone" or "ignore call from parents".
11. Sep 2015 · 23:28 UTC
really nice entry. I was doing great, just strolling along when all of a sudden... the clouds... they MOVE! that messed me up.
12. Sep 2015 · 15:35 UTC
wtf ?! O_o
12. Sep 2015 · 17:52 UTC
I <3 this game :D! Very original and funny! Cool graphics tho. Good job!
14. Sep 2015 · 17:03 UTC
Simple concept yet really funny. So much crazyness in one game.