Trick Parade by SimonLarsen

made by SimonLarsen for LD33 (JAM)
### If you get stuck, on a objective or battle, try talking to the NPCs around town! ###

Welcome to Trick Parade!

It's halloween time, and you know what that means; Getting pranked and scared by the older kids on your block! But this time will be different, determined to take your revenge on the schoolyard bully, you embark on a quest to become a master of tricks and scares!

But first you will need a costume!

## Gameplay ##

Trick Parade is an RPG with a twist! Use your enemies fears against them, through mix of menu based combat and mini-game mayhem!

Widen your arsenal through the acquisition of a variety of creepy costumes, only the scariest kid can frighten the schoolyard bully!

## Controls ##

Movement - Arrow Keys
Action/Confirm - D

## Credits ##

Art: Hernan Zhou (@HernanZh)
Art: Lukas Erritsø Hansen (@LukasErritsoe)
Programming: Simon Jonas Larsen (@SimonLarsen)

Music by Incompetech (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
- Come play with me
- Carnival Intrigue
- Anguish


Coolness 71% 3
Overall(Jam) 4.33 9
Fun(Jam) 4.10 19
Graphics(Jam) 4.40 71
Humor(Jam) 4.00 53
Innovation(Jam) 4.02 41
Mood(Jam) 4.20 33
Theme(Jam) 4.25 30


25. Aug 2015 · 05:25 CEST
What a fantastic game. Graphics are impressive, gameplay is good, although the fights could've done with a bit of a faster pace in my opinion, but the variation of minigames does make it a lot better. Nice to see a fellow Lover making such a cool game :)
25. Aug 2015 · 19:52 CEST
I love this game!
25. Aug 2015 · 20:32 CEST
Excellent all round! I really like the interpretation of the theme, and the halloween trappings make for a very consistant mood! I did spot a typo when you're hit by an enemy, and it might be worth switching the second killer ghost with the splatter wolf since he can be skilled, but other than that, I'd say the entire game was well excecuted!
26. Aug 2015 · 03:54 CEST
I really liked the audio. really great job
Team Klappermann
26. Aug 2015 · 03:56 CEST
Really good game solid in every aspect. The mini games were really refreshing!

Keep up the good work!
26. Aug 2015 · 18:31 CEST
Wow! Fantastic entry.
Mixup between RPG and Wario Ware work perfectly.
I love the game atmosphere.
Great job!
27. Aug 2015 · 11:50 CEST
The battle style is awesome!
My favorite battle after playing for a few battles was the one where you avoid being caught by the net while flying leftward.

The rock-paper-scissor element while simple, added a good bit of more dept to the game.

A bit of criticism.
After fighting so many times, the battles got a bit boring,... felt the heavy grinding feel, like being skinner-boxed with not enough reward to keep me interested.
May have helped if the battles were progressively more challenging,... after about 10 battles, the strobe-light scare, the cup-flying scare, and the break-the-door scare felt like chore since it had not much challenge essence to it. The upside of this is that my 6-year-old daughter was able to play the game with the right amount of challenge to keep her engaged.

I really appreciate that the game has been a pleasure for both me and my daughter to play.
Thank you for the delightful entry.
27. Aug 2015 · 17:35 CEST
@sennin: Thank you for your feedback.
Yeah. We had assets and ideas for many more minigames but sadly didn't have time enough to implement them.

The games were supposed to be separated into categories and the games you'd see would depend on the attack types selected. Might still happen if we make a post-jam version.

Very happy you we're able to shared the experience with your daughter though!
29. Aug 2015 · 00:40 CEST
Just Brilliant
Antonio Elizio
29. Aug 2015 · 01:19 CEST
AWESOME!Really funny!
29. Aug 2015 · 01:36 CEST
I can't believe this was made in just 3 days. I'm a little sick of rock paper scissors, but I get it. Game was great, love warioware mini's, fantastic.
29. Aug 2015 · 01:38 CEST
Works pretty well with everything. I wasn't blown away but I got some laughs out of it and it was pretty fun. I could not beat the ghost dog so the mini games can be pretty difficult even though there are not that many of them.
29. Aug 2015 · 14:39 CEST
Wow! nice work here guys!
29. Aug 2015 · 16:54 CEST
Really nice to see and to hear. I love this wario-ware kind of game :-)
29. Aug 2015 · 16:59 CEST
I liked this quite a lot. The progressively harder Warioware-style combo system is pretty cool.

The music got old a bit fast, but other than that it pretty impressive for a jam.

29. Aug 2015 · 16:59 CEST
awesome game!
29. Aug 2015 · 17:02 CEST
Very polished game.
29. Aug 2015 · 17:30 CEST
This game resonated with me. Great job guys!
30. Aug 2015 · 02:51 CEST
This is a very unexpected use of the theme!
I simply loved it!
Nothing to say more, the mini-games were hilarious and very well done!

Thanks for the good time I spent!
01. Sep 2015 · 16:55 CEST
Amazing pixelart, the combat system with the minigames is really nice. Very polished entry!
01. Sep 2015 · 22:07 CEST
One of the best games in LD I played. Congrats!!! The only bad thing is that combats get a bit too repetitive but apart from that every thing was perfect. Special mention to the music composer! man the soundtrack!!
03. Sep 2015 · 23:47 CEST
spooper nintendo

This is a pretty great entry, best I played so far. The minigames were neat and the graphics were appealing. Very nice game, 9spooky.
04. Sep 2015 · 00:53 CEST
Nice entry but a bit long and repetitive for me.
I never know what costume i need to use (even if the wolf told me)
I stop after I get the flashlight personally.
04. Sep 2015 · 01:00 CEST
Graphics are great, This is fun. I like the "pokemon" feel of the map.
I like the minigame combat. It's a bit warioware-esque with the timer and everything. great work! :D
04. Sep 2015 · 01:24 CEST
Amazing! You've done it again. I couldn't find the flashlight though...
04. Sep 2015 · 01:26 CEST
Amazing soundtrack combining with some fine arts! You guys did a fantastic job with this entry! You should be proud! It was a lot of fun!

-Loi LeMix
Random Seed Games
05. Sep 2015 · 01:40 CEST
That was surprisingly fun. Nice work!
07. Sep 2015 · 05:43 CEST
When I had to pick the scary mask before the candle burned down, I felt excited. On OS/X, when I picked the zombie head and an error appeared, I felt discouraged.
08. Sep 2015 · 18:01 CEST
Psst - You are featured in today's Ludum Dare to Believe!
08. Sep 2015 · 21:21 CEST
Very nice concept packed fulled with a lot of content. I liked that the "fights" got harder the more scares you already had. Although they were a bit repetitive in the long run, since there were many fights.
09. Sep 2015 · 00:19 CEST
The ending was really great! I liked the idea, specially for a jam game, but it needs more mini-games... it's a pity you guys couldn't get to do it.

Great entry!
13. Sep 2015 · 04:33 CEST
I enjoyed it quite a bit! Totally gave me an earthbound vibe at the start - which is the best kind of vibe.

One main thing that I didn't like was the delay between minigames - some way to skip to the next one ASAP would have been fantastic.
13. Sep 2015 · 13:03 CEST
Amazing take on the theme and graphics! Congratulations!
14. Sep 2015 · 03:04 CEST
It was kind of frustrating when I chose the wrong combo or messed up the first minigame and knew that I was doomed & had to just... fail as quickly as possible so that I could try again. I wish there'd been some kind of comeback mechanism or a way to do bonus damage.
Also more opportunities to avoid battles (via alternate paths or timing... etc.) might've been nice.
I like the concept though and the graphics are very pleasant and appropriate.
Impressive amount of content and polish as well.
14. Sep 2015 · 09:55 CEST
So good!