Swamp Man by Mr-Hide

made by Mr-Hide for LD33 (JAM)
An unfinished game, again...
So, this time we made a TopDown pixelated game.

Plot: Villagers have come to dry the swamp with flamethrowers, you are Swamp Man, you live there, you have to save your home.

Use arrows to move, left CTRL key to throw balls of swamp in front of you to extinguish the swamp that is burning, and to kill villagers.
You carry 3 of these balls with you, walk in the swamp to « reload ».
You need 4 balls of swamp to kill a villager, a villager hit by a ball is stunned for a short time.
Fire is the only way to die, don't walk in the burning swamp and avoid flame-throwers.

Courageous villagers will try to kill you while coward villagers will run away from you.

There is no way to win, but if you manage to kill all the villagers, that would be an achievement for sure!

Made from scratch in C++ with Allegro5 in 72h.
Tools: Vim, Aseprite, Milkytracker, Audacity, ...
Made by Thomas Medioni(prog), Jonathan Bayle(prog+art) and Hugo Desfrançois(music+sounds).


Coolness 50% 3
Overall(Jam) 2.65 977
Audio(Jam) 1.95 670
Fun(Jam) 2.72 766
Graphics(Jam) 2.54 891
Humor(Jam) 2.14 843
Innovation(Jam) 2.76 715
Mood(Jam) 2.22 1012
Theme(Jam) 3.16 734


29. Aug 2015 · 23:14 UTC
Awesome effort :D Could've benefited with a piece of GUI telling me how much ammo I have.
30. Aug 2015 · 20:50 UTC
Good fun game despite basic graphics.
30. Aug 2015 · 20:56 UTC
Achievement unlocked, I killed all of the villagers! I think I got lucky because only one of them seemed "courageous" and aggresive towards me.

The flamethrower animation was great, but the fire animation seemed extremely fast. I wish that there was some kind of indication as to how many swamp balls I was carrying.
30. Aug 2015 · 21:09 UTC
Simple but fun game! Might have beniffited from a counter showing ammo and how many enemies are left. Otherwise great job! ;D
30. Aug 2015 · 21:39 UTC
Would be nice to have an indicator for how many swamp balls you have, but other than that it was a good, if simple, prototype.
30. Aug 2015 · 21:52 UTC
This game was quite fun. Great work!
30. Aug 2015 · 21:56 UTC
Great game overall. Few things could have been improved like telling me how much ammo i have and what exactly the swamp things i need to run into to get more ammo. No doubt good game!
30. Aug 2015 · 23:10 UTC
Ammo counter would've been helpful, like others mentioned
You guys did a nice job, I had fun playing it!
30. Aug 2015 · 23:22 UTC
Allegro is nice for learning, but I think you can leave it now hehe. Nice entry :)
31. Aug 2015 · 17:27 UTC
i really dislike the background and some graphics, but the idea is very good. I know very well the effort, mine is unfinished too. I will play the full version if you finish it
03. Sep 2015 · 22:15 UTC
It's pretty easy, I think.
why are they burning down the swamp?????
03. Sep 2015 · 22:55 UTC
@Nurbs because of those damn mosquitoes!